Eve Toomey LICSW
I received my master degree in Social Work in 2001 from Augsburg College. I have been working in a
clinical setting for 9 years before going into private practice.  I received my clinical social work
license which certifies me to be an independent clinical social worker (therapist).   My training with
intuitive skills has been over the past
five years with various local intuitives.  Most recently I have
been studying with the nationally known psychic and author, Echo Bodine at The Center in
Minneapolis.  I am certified as a past life regressionist through the nationally renowed master past  
life regressionist and author, Julia Ingram.
I believe in the strong inner knowing and inner guidance of my clients.  My job as I see it, is to help
those I work with to discover the truth and potential that is already inside of them (it can just be
difficult to always see it in ourselves).  I rely on my inner knowing and professional social work
training in working with clients.  I also trust that the knowing that is in each one of my clients
will come through to help guide the work so together, we can find long lasting healing and personal
Intuitive counseling is the same as regular counseling in many ways.  We can deal with the same
issues as one would deal with at a general counseling clinic.  My professional training is the same as
any social work therapists one may find at a larger counseling organization.  The difference is that I
use my professional training as well as the training I have had in intuitive guidance to get a deeper
understanding of the issues my clients are facing.  I use my inner knowing (the same inner knowing  
we all have) and guide my clients to get in touch with their own inner knowing so that we can fully
explore the issues that my clients are looking to resolve.  The intuition becomes just another of
many tools I use during the therapeutic process. I also can offer past life regression to see if present
issues may have a link to the past.  By uncovering those links between  present life and past life we  
can then begin healing and moving past those old blocks- even those we were previously unaware of.
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