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February 24, 2009

February 24,2009

Topic:  Addiction/ distractions

I have been surrounded by the idea of addiction for the past few weeks.
Unsure what I would possibly have to say on the topic I waited for some clarity
on the message. The message came first as way of looking at addiction and then
the answer became clearer thanks to a good friend who reminded me of my own
story and my own mental shift of how I viewed addictions.

Over the past few weeks I have received images, messages and ideas regarding
the nature of addiction. We are so used to looking at addiction as only a few
things we view as "wrong". Addiction to alcohol, drugs, then we add
in gambling, sex, maybe a few others. We ignore the accepted addictions.
Generally the list of things we acknowledge as addictions is short. The images
I was getting broadened that perception of addiction. Soon it became clearer to
me that addiction could be anything that distracts us from the Truth, or from
seeking the Truth. Many Americans have TV addiction. They turn on a device
that will keep them from having to think or explore their own thoughts. Its a
way to escape. We can be addicted to certain kinds of relationships or feelings.
Some people find they are addicted to infatuation and can not seem to stay in a
relationship past that initial attraction stage. Again never allowing for
discovery and growth in the realm of
relationships. Looking for an escape instead of something to draw them within
them to their own source. Continuing to seek outside themselves.

Addiction was show to me as rolling hills going on endlessly. At first
the image confused me but then through my experiences over the past few weeks it
became clear. The hills represented all the sensory pleasures. All the items
we are subjected to form addiction to. The reason we form these addictions is
for the mini highs we feel or the mini escapes (the up hills). But since these
sense pleasures are not part of the bigger Truth, since they are only physical
they are fleeting, like all physicality they do not last (the down hills). So
then we again seek that limited high and continue with that pattern inevitably.
Continually wondering why we can not seems to make the good feeling last. Why
we keep repeating this endless cycle. We continue to search for the fast easy
fix to our feelings, our distress. Trying to escape what we perceive as an
undesirable reality. The cycle is endless like the vision of the road going over
continuous rolling

The second part of this message came from an experience. A person told me
about a web based show that was focused on conspiracies about corporations and
government brainwashing and controlling the masses. Suddenly it hit me why it
is we do not break the endless cycle of sense pleasures. I am not saying we are
being brain washed by the government. What hit me was the power of our own
primal minds. That primal mind is the pleasure seeker, the force that screams
"I need immediate and fast" gratification for our needs. Its a force
so strong that most of us never think to push past it. We feel powerless. We
never even think to see what happens if we do not feed the need or our fear
keeps us paralyzed. The cycle can continue. For a few of us we try to push
past and the mind begins to send us messages of disaster (which is why we had
fear of even trying to push past to begin with). We begin to have thoughts that
something bad will happen if we do
not give in immediately. The feeling can be deep and strong.

This message I received said, and my own experience has proven to me, that
if we DO manage to push past those initial desires and to push past those
thoughts and feelings of harm for not obeying those desires, that indeed there
is something more. There is calm, peace, stillness, and the lack of
continually wanting begins to vanish. This change happens slowly, not all at
once like the fast sensory pleasures did, but a gradual lasting, all
encompassing feeling. In my vision when I followed that road up and down
countless hills at the end was a long, gradual hill that extended outside of my
vision. There were no more downs and there where no more sharp ups- just a
gradual climb higher and higher that seemed to have no end from my vantage

This showed me the root of desire, of addition and the purpose of those
things as a way for our primal mind to distract us from the truth. There is
something greater than what we experience physically. Better yet is the fact
that our physical bodies will have more pleasure, our minds will have more
contentment and our souls will find that much longed for freedom if we can push
past that illusion. Break the cycle of ups and downs

I was not prepared to write this with just that realization. As big as
the realization was I knew there was another piece to all this. We are human
and we need motivation. I can say push past your physical desires and get to a
greater experience. But when push comes to shove it is not an easy task. Its
easy for the mind to trick us into just going back to how things were because,
to do things in a new way is hard and can be painful. My friend reminded me of
my own journey and how a pivotal insight inspired me. That same insight, he
shared, also inspired him.

About five years ago I was unhappy. I felt like something was missing in
my life. I had two children and was feeling unattractive. I had always dabbled
in chemical use as an escape, without relaying on them too heavily, and without
too much consequence to my life. I had decided that because drinking made me
sick almost every time I did it that I was going to stop. For me that was a
catalyst to seek a change. That being said I still desired it. I liked the
escape. I continued to battle with myself saying " I hate being sick"
but then in the moment saying " I just need to get away from reality"
Inevitably the second voice would win and I would be sick the next day. I
would mentally beat myself up for doing something that I knew I should not do.
At the same time I was trying to work out. I began a running program and was
struggling with motivation. I wanted to be in shape. Mostly, I wanted to look
good so that people would see me as
someone "in good shape". But again in the past this never really
served as a good motivator. I would just get frustrated with the lack of
results and quit.

I was on the treadmill one day struggling to complete a run and I finally
asked God for help with both issues. I asked to be motivated to somehow think
of all this differently, to have a mental shift. Physical motivation was not
working. The possibility of looking better and not being sick could not keep me
doing the things I knew were good for me. The answer came in strong and clear.
What I heard was that I need to stop thinking of my body as mine and doing
things just for my body. The message was that my body was a gift. A message
that at the time I had never heard, but since have heard echoed in many books
and lectures. If my body was a gift and was given to help me fulfill my souls
purpose, then caring for it and helping it to be in its optimal shape will only
serve to help me reach that potential with greater ease. Deep within me I knew
living my souls potential to the fullest was going to be a source of long
lasting pleasure. I was
suddenly caring for my body because it was a divine gift and not because I was
hoping for outer recognition or to not feel sick.

Not every one is given the gift of a healthy body. Some peoples
soul's choose to experience pushing past physical limitations by having a
body that has limitations. But when we are given a healthy body and are making
choices to limit it through our actions, we are in effect putting up barriers to
being able to live our souls purpose. Creating our own misery, the same misery
we are trying to escape from. There are many people who realize too late that
they have limited themselves through their lack of care for their bodies. I was
told that I should be caring for my body, not for my bodies sake but for the
desire to want to live out my purpose and do the work I am here to do without
limitations. To increase my energy and vitality in doing the work I can here to

That shift was enormous. I was no longer battling within myself. The urge
to get drunk as an escape disappeared and I never missed it again. It had been
a cycle for many, many years and I had never been able to completely let it go-
but it was gone now. I realized I have nothing to escape from. When I get
overwhelmed I now know that the source of all calm is deep within me and there
are no chemicals, no outer distractions needed to access that. In fact those
distractions and escapes actually serve to pull me away from the endless
internal calm. Even though I am not the tiny size with the six pack abs I
pictured in my mind when I began working out, I am still motivated because I do
have more energy. It still feels right, that I should be preparing my body for
my souls purpose. My soul and body became aligned in a single purpose when I
made that realization.

I have a feeling my experience is not unique. That this is part of
breaking apart an illusion. Breaking our dependence on the things around us.
We are divine beings and our bodies, our senses are not all that we are. Yet we
cater to our physical selves at the expense of our souls and our inner divinity.
Take some time to look at ways you allow yourself to be distracted ways you
escape and block yourself from going within. There is no need to force a
change, just notice for now. When these changes came over me they just came
naturally without me forcing them. There are more changes I am witnessing in
myself. More areas where I am not true to blocking my own path with my actions,
areas I am limiting myself from going deeper within. I am observing those
actions and experiencing them. I now know that when the time is right I will
feel an inner push to make those changes, to make a different choice that helps
me further align with my purpose.
For now our job is to notice and wait for the push, wait for the signs around
us that say its time to make different choices. Above all as you notice these
things be forgiving of yourself. Making choices that are not good for you does
not make YOU a bad person. We can always rethink and rechoose when the time is

With Love and Truth

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February 07, 2009

February 7, 2009

Topic: Divine Within

  Lately my thoughts have been drawn to the idea of guru's.  Amazing people that have been placed on a pedestal such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohamed, Moses etc etc.  The list goes on and on throughout the history of mankind and across multiples faiths. New names are being added everyday, although we may not notice it. There are a myriad of sages and saints and great people who are idolized by the masses.  People who are seen as somehow above humanity and therefore separated from the rest of us.

  I have been drawn to think about the roles all these greats have played.  Thinking about how we view them in comparison to how they wanted to be viewed.  We tend to place these people apart from ourselves and view them as somehow special.  As if they possess something that the rest of us do not have access to.  However, most if not all of them have said they are no different than any of us.  There is this glaring disconnect between the way we view "the greats" and how they wanted us to view them.  Some how we, as a global society, keep missing this message. Even though it has been repeated throughout history.

     The message I received regarding all of this has to do with our individual greatness and the availability of that greatness to everyone.    This message is not trying to take away from the greatness of any of the masters, saints, sages of the past and present but to reiterate their message to all of us.  These greats all have come to show us our own possibility.  Yet most of the time we focus on their greatness and not our own.  They came to show us our own potential.  Yet what many of us take is only a sense of our inequities, our lack, our faults and failings.  We place that source of greatness outside ourselves.  Even though we are told repeatedly that it is ours and lies within us.  The message of these greats gets lost in the worshiping of them.  The message that greatness and divinity is within us gets morphed into large celebrations of a particular person.  All of our hopes get pinned on a particular person instead of the concepts and
messages these people are trying to show us about our own roles in the betterment of humanity.

     For many of us we view the people we idolize as an exact course we must follow.  We see Jesus and think if we talk like him, if we act like him and live in exactly the way he did that then we will find salvation.  The same is said for any of the greats, religious and non.  We think if we can emulate them exactly that we have found the key.  The more we can become these greats, or the more we pay homage to them the better our odds of finding heaven or of being seen as good ourselves.  What was explained to me this week was the importance of our individual paths.  We each have a unique path to follow and it can not be shown to us by anyone outside ourselves.  We can look for clues and tips in the people around us.  We may resonate with particular people, places, things, with certain teachings.  But what is important is not to parrot those teaching back but to internalize them and make them our own.  It is not about pointing all the light onto just one
person either.

   The image I am being shown is of a bunch of beautiful crystals reflecting light.  Although the light that shines through the crystals comes from the same source and shine on them equally, the light reflected out differs depending on the angles of each unique crystal.  The reflected light each following is own unique trajectory.  Creating its own brilliance.

     The greats of the past and the present are here as guides and beckons showing merely a direction not the only course.  They are rough templates sending various messages.  Showing us the various ways to reflect the light within ourselves.  We can not hope to reflect that light in the exact same way, but merely see that it is possible once we get out of our own ways to reflect light and to allow that inner divinity to flow through us in its unique way.  Trying to become a copy of a person we idolize, or placing our hopes that greatness comes from something outside ourselves leads to disappointment and frustration.  If all of our hope lies on only one person than we can easily lose that hope.  If it lies in our united force it is eternal.

    February is indeed the month of pairing and partnerships.  But this energy is taking on a new manifestation.  It is not about collapsing ourselves into those we admire.  Not about collapsing into unions and becoming something other than ourselves.  It is about integrating the best of who we each are into a united force for positive change.  Barack Obama eluded to this in his inaugural address.  He said he achieved what he did not of his own individual effort alone but through the result of individuals acting independently toward a untied cause.  He said that with the same force we will also overcome the many difficulties we are facing.  It is not one persons job but a united force of people letting their own greatness shine that will make things brighter.  That is how greatness has happened in the past and that is how it will happen now and in the future. Whether you agree with or disagree with the political party of this man, his message is very
reflective of the energy of this month.

    Individuals each bringing their best, their own unique talents and characteristics in a truthful manner can create positive change in a untied way.  Its about being who each of us truly is, embracing that truth and not trying to emulate or become a copy of someone else. Not hoping someone with more talent or greatness will fix the world.  Its about each of us finding that truth within ourselves and then letting that light shine with its own brilliance.  The greats of the past and the present were great not because they viewed themselves as better, not because they were able to follow with exact precision the actions of someone else. But because they were able to let their own truth shine through. They were also able to see the light shining through those around them.  They were able to recognize and use that light as a force to bring people together.  They were able to see that although the lights shinning through the crystals all looked different
the crystals were made of the same thing, and the light was coming from the same source.  We are all an equal potential of greatness. In that recognition lies our greatest strength.

    In this way the pairing energy of February is less about physical pairings and more about connecting to the underlying interconnectedness of all of humanity.  This month is not about seeking outside ourselves.  It is about seeking within ourselves and reflecting that beautiful prism of unique light for everyone to enjoy, and to be inspired from.  That is were hope is found and miracles happen.

    Spend some time within yourself discovering how you are reflecting light.  Enjoy the difference in the way others reflect their light and notice the color of your own world.

With Love and Truth

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