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April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009

Topic: humanness

Its been a long time since I have been inspired to write or have been given the time to sit down and put all the pieces of inspiration that I receive into an email.  I try to remain genuine and not force anything.  I also take it as a sign that there is more to a message when I can not find the time to write.  Such has been the case this last month.  I received this message last week but was not able to write until today.  It was timely to Easter and although the official celebration of Easter has past the message is still timely.

I received a vision of Jesus and a knowing about who he was as a person.  We have deified this man because of his greatness and the greatness of his message.  However, in doing so I believe we miss a big piece of the message.  Jesus was a person acting in physical form just as the rest of us.  Jesus saw great injustices going on at the hands of the Roman Empire and the higher religious class.  He saw the poor having the small amount they were able to gain taken away due to the greed of those in power.  He saw people who did not always have food to eat or a place to sleep.  He saw all of this in the way we can still see it today.  Seeing this injustice inspired him to act however.  People of Jesus' time felt like things had to change, like things could not go on the way they were.  Jesus spread a message that power needed to shift, that the corruption of the old ways needed to crumble.  He preached a message against the greedy accumulation of
wealth, against profiting at the expense of others.  He preached humility.  Many of the things Jesus preached went directly against the church itself. He took a stand for humanity.  Along with many others of his time.  A shift occurred as a result.

Since that time things have slowly drifted back so that we now find ourselves in a similar state of being.  Most of the wealth is controlled by a few.  Money and power often take precedent over people.  As a society more than in previous times we are beginning to feel this sense that a major shift is about to unfold.  It has felt like for the past few years that we are gearing up for something.  For some, they believe that another great prophet will come to make this shift.  The message I received was that we are all responsible for this shift.  During Jesus' time he was not here to do it for those who were living.  He was an example of a different way of living.  In the present day and time we still can hear that call.  We can choose to be living examples of a different way.

When we are faced with greed and fear we can follow the example and stay strong in our truth.  We can know that as we choose to value people over material.  As we choose to stand up and fight against corruption of our systems.  As we choose to live from a place of love, care and respect for those around us and for our planet, that we begin to make the shift we have been feeling.  We are the force, each person.  We are the momentum that will bring about the changes.  One by one as we make a choice, we choose to not buy into the dying systems, we create the possibilities for the future.

At Easter we focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus.  His physical death was so significant and yet most of us have entirely missed the point.  When the physical body of Jesus died it was made apparent that his physical body was not the light.  The light was a spark within him.  It was not extinguishable by the death of his body.  His message could not be stopped as those in power had hoped to stop him by his crucifixion.  That spark remained and is the same spark that is within each of us.  The changes he began with his life and his work continued because that act of taking his physical body could not stop the message.

This past month I have been surrounded by and experiencing heightened fear and negative thoughts.  People continue losing jobs, homes, relationships, loved ones.  The tendency is to cling to what is falling away.  To wish that we had it back, or to spend countless hours focused on what else we may lose.  To focus all our thoughts on wishing for thing back or hoping everything stays the same.  We continually pour more and more energy into this lack based reality.  Focusing everything on what is wrong and on the things we fear the most. 

The message I received on this is that we need to take time to imagine the possibilities. Anytime things are taken it creates room for something new.  We sit and pine for things to be back to the old way.  Wanting that job that had us stressed out and working late, wanting that relationship where we were not valued or treated respectfully.  We limit ourselves with those thoughts and we create blocks that prevent greater things from coming to us as a result of all these "loses".   We need to take the time to shift our focus.  When something falls away or when we feel like we may lose something instead of going to fear, we need to take time to think about the best possible outcome.  What about a better job or a more fulfilling relationship.  Focus on the details of those things and most importantly believe its possible and believe you deserve it.  Why hang onto the fear and cling to the old? 

Jesus' life and his work was an example for us of how to view our world and of the creative power of our thoughts.  When he saw a leper he did not focus on the illness, but on the health and that person became healthy.  When he saw someone who acted in a bad way he saw the good in that person and they became good.  We have the same abilities.  That was not something that died on the cross with Jesus.  It became clear that day, that the power did not die and it remains within each of us.  Taking the body could not undo what he was showing us with his life.  We have the opportunity to choose to accept this legacy that was left for us and to begin to create the world with the power of our thoughts and actions, or we can be influenced by fear, and drawn to cling to the old because we think that is all there is.

One last exercises that I was given last last week in a meditation.  I was shown a golden box.  Due to this weeks theme I saw Jesus by the box and he instructed me to open it.  Within the box was everything I could ever want physical things as well as conceptual things such as harmony in relationships, health, calmness etc.  I was told that all I needed to do when I was feeling lack was to visualize the box and imagine taking out what it is I needed.  Somethings I may receive immediately and others would come in due time- but always my true needs would be met.  I was told this is true for everyone and that anyone can go to this box.  It may look different for different people.  What was important is the act of imagining getting what it is you need and most importantly not focusing on the lack or limiting what you think you can receive.

For me this has been a good message to receive on Easter.  To remember the permanency of what it is Jesus left us all, and to reflect on the example his life was for what is possible for all of us.  His death was a final proof that the truth of his life and his teachings could not be suppressed.

With Love and Truth

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