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June 30, 2009

July 1st 2009

Topic: know thy self


    June has been an intense month for many people.  We were told the things we have been manifesting would begin to come to us in June.  The thing is, we just thought those things would look different. We had different expectations.  It seems that even those people who thought that they did not get what they were trying to bring into their lives, just might have missed it, because it did not come in the way they planned it.  The people who did recognize their manifestations all had to say it was not like they thought it would be.  Some may have made the judgment that perhaps what manifested was not quite as good as they expected.  For others what came in was better than anything they could have imagined.  I get this feeling that it is truly the second scenario that is true for everyone- we just have not had the time to see how perfect it all is. We have to drop our expectations first.

  This dropping our preconceived notions is part of what is now going on.  We are again in a process of trying to truly know ourselves, our real selves.  This was first illuminated for me in an experience.  I had the opportunity to go to the science museum and was drawn into an exhibit that I had never gone into before.  It was all about perception.  There were various optical illusions, showing how we can not always trust the information our eyes are giving to us.  We often feel sure of the information our sense perceive, only to find that the information was wrong when viewed from a different angle or through someone else's perception.  We are sure that object is popping out towards us and then the light changes and we find it is really concave, and the light shifts again and we see it is really two dimensional.

  There was one example in this exhibit that came with a strong inner message for me.  In this display there were a series on dots.  Four of them formed a cross and were shaded from the bottom, four were in the spaces outside the cross and they were shaded from the bottom.   The dots forming the cross looked like they popped out, while the dots forming the exterior looked like they were sunken in.  As the picture of the dots was rotated, making the shading switch from top to bottom and bottom to top,  the perception of the dots changed.  Now the dots forming  the cross sunk in while the outer ones popped out.  Nothing had changed,  the dots were actually two dimensional, but due to how the perceived light source hit the dots- due to how they were shaded, the information our eyes sent to our brain changed.

   The whole exhibit was created around the understanding that we are accustomed to a light source that comes from above, our brains take in information based on that.  The thought hit me about this search that many of us are on to find truth.  What if that is the trick, what if it merely shifting the light source to something true.  As I watched those dots the thought came in that if we set an intention for the light to shine from within- out on to everything around us in the world that we may see things as they truly are, instead of an an optical illusion, based on something outside ourselves. That light is something we call intuition.  The use of that true light source is a lost art form.   What if by knowing this trick (knowing how to use intuition, use the inner light source) we then get to choose our perception. 

  As soon as the trick was exposed and I knew the truth, I noticed how my mind could then voluntarily see the dots for their truth.  They were flat, and then I could choose to see one set of dots as popped out by my own will and intention, and then shift that to the other set by acknowledging the trick.  We have a choice within our lives to apply  the same idea.  We can choose to see things as fixed and unchangeable, to believe the illusion, or we can choose to see them for their totality, all the possibilities contained within them.  We can see the people and situations around us for their changeable nature.  We can see all the possibilities and know that nothing is ever as it seems, because it is all changeable.  When we expect to see the worst- it is what we will see.  Our brains are programmed for it, just like they are programed to assume the light always comes from above.

   This June the light source has shifted.  We are not able to hide behind illusions.  The trick was exposed as the light source switched leaving us feeling like we are not sure how to perceive things.  We are not able to hide behind our created selves.  Many of us are finding we no longer want to hide.  Some of us are finding it impossible to hide even if we wanted to.  The dots of our lives are being exposed as the light shifts around us.  This summer is not only about manifesting  our desires but also about manifesting our truest selves, in all areas of our lives.

   June brought in the "new" for many, not always a pleasant thing at first.  Many people were surprised at the form these "new" changes and manifestations came in.  These surprising forms challenged our perceptions.  We were not sure if they were "good" or "bad".  In the end all things lead to a single purpose and they are all rooted in good.  As I noticed the changes and manifestations coming into my life I began to notice a pattern.  I had a conversation with a friend and then another, and another and I found the same topic coming up in relation to "how things are happening but not in the way or the form we expected them to".  I have begun noticing that there seems to be " mile markers" of a sort that we can ask for to let us know that indeed we are on the right track.  Its confusing to have things manifest in unexpected ways.  It leads us to feel like maybe there has been a mistake.  These signs help to reassure us and they are available to us if we choose to acknowledge them.  Its always easy to dismiss these signs as coincidence.

  These "mile markers" are obvious signs hidden in things around us.  Hidden in the phrases people say, hidden in seeing specific unusual things, hidden in the way an event unfolds.  The fun part is that you can know these signals ahead of time.  By tuning into yourself into the inner light source of your intuition, by connecting with the divine,  you can ask for certain markers to be shown to you along the way.  There are some people who may ask to see an unusual car that is rare to see, some people may ask for a specific person to say a phrase or to see an object like a specific piece of clothing.  If you ask for these signs and open up to them you will know them.  This is the same as the experience of thinking of a song and its suddenly played.  We all have these experiences.  I was shown that these synchronicities have a purpose.  I was told to notice my thoughts, feelings, and what I am doing when these experiences happen.  They are clues that will guide us.  They are the magic of divine guidance, divine reassurance that what is happening is for our highest good.

    Recognizing this is going to be important in the coming months.  As more of the new takes shape in July, there will be a need for some of the old to drop away. During this month more of the details of the new will emerge.  We will be confronted with what needs to go, what needs to fall away and then we will be given clearer ideas of what exactly is coming in- even if it does not fully form this month.  The process can be slow, and gradual which is important because we tend to cling to the old.  It is important to remember that what comes in is always greater than what is falling away.  It can not be rushed, we are emerging into a truer version of ourselves and there is a process to it all.

    The new energy began arriving in June and these next few months are about that slow process of it all taking shape.  Its about loss and rebirth.  Its about the phoenix rising from the ashes.  In the end a beautiful thing, a true version of ourselves, but these next few months are full of growing pains.  To help us we get to rely on those mile markers to tell us, indeed we are headed in the right direction.  We also have a sense that we are headed towards something great, we will get glimpses of this greatness mixed in with the pains that accompany our growth.

   Many of us can expect the new to be more solidly in place in our lives in late August, early September.  At this time we have our choice.  We choose how to perceive what has taken place.  We can see the changes as opportunity, a chance to embrace a more real version of ourselves.  We can choose to shift that light source so that everything is illuminated from within us (with all the scary risks this entails).  Or we can cling to the old, believing that what our eyes perceive around us is the only truth.  In the end either way we choose the underlying truth remains and everything that is not of truth will naturally fall away.  In the end the trick is exposed.  Our choice is in how we embrace the changes, in how willing we are to embrace ourselves and take the risks needed to accept ourselves.  Knowing our true selves is a key in making this choice, in taking the straightest path towards a bigger truth, towards bliss. But, know that no one can fail, the river just may meander a bit more.  The choice is always ours  



With Love and Truth



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June 17, 2009

June 17th,, 2009

Topic: Ego vs God


I have been doing a bit of reading on this topic lately.  Its abstract and hard to grasp and sometimes frankly over complicated.  As I was thinking about this battle that we all have raging inside ourselves.  This battle between sense pleasure, pleasures from exterior sources and the inate divine inside us, I received a very clear picture.


The ego was likened to the Wizard of Oz.  This force that seems big and scary.  This force that has us shaking in our boots afraid to confront it.  We feel powerless against it.  Some of us react like Dorothy and challenge that scary force with a shaky voice, not sure we have the strength to fight the Powerful Oz/ ego.  Some of us react like the lion and turn and run as fast as we can, willing to do what the ego tells us even though we know we will not get what we came here for.

In the end we find out that  just behind the curtain, just behind the veil is a little man, who is pushing buttons and running computerized effects.  An ordinary man with no special powers to give us what we came for.  The big powerful Oz/ego was never anything to be afraid of.  All the horrible things we thought would happen if we challenged that force were never a threat.  It was always just a man trying to scare us from the truth.

And what is that truth you may ask?  The truth is exactly what Dorothy, the lion, the tin man , and the scarecrow learned.  They were the only ones who ever possessed the power to give themselves what they were desiring.  It was within them.  Each of them always had what they went to Oz to receive.  They could not see it.  They thought something outside of themselves had to fulfill their dreams.  Never once realizing that they were the only ones who could ever fulfill their own dreams.

It was important that they did two things.  One was that they had the journey, that they went though the process of seeking outside of themselves inorder to learn that they were  connected with the Source of their dream fulfillment.  No one could have told them this before they had experienced the path themselves.  They would not have gathered the evidence needed to prove it to themselves.

The second important part was in the mutual support and sharing they gave to eachother.  Each was able to inspire the others.  Each was able to see the greatness in the others.  Each helped the others face their fears head on.  They held the lions hand and kept him from running.  They stood up for eachtoher when other forces were trying to hurt one of them.  They dug down deep not only for themselves but for eachother and that process of sharing and growing together led them to realize the truth of their power and inner strength.  None of them would ever doubt their greatness and connection to the inner divine again.  The world was now open to them, they could have whatever they dreamed of.  They knew those dreams were fulfilled through the divinity with in them.

It would have been easy for Dorothy and the rest to listen to Oz, to listen to the ego, to turn away from Oz and believe they would never get what they had desired.  i mean he told them to go away.  He challenged them with what he thought was an impossible feat  They could have settled for something less.  Maybe Dorothy would have said " Oh well, I will just make a new home"  Maybe she would have even been tempted with a nice fancy place outside of the gates of Oz.  But it was not HER home, and it was not HER desire.  The ego will try to scare us, the ego will try to pull our attention away from the truth .  The ego is always fleeting pleasures: sex (purely physcial sex), chemicals, gambling, fast easy highs that never last and leave us wanting more.  We get our fix of what the ego leads us to and find that we just are left with more wanting.  Ego based pleasures are limited and can be used up.  We settle for less that the truth and it feels empty. It should feel empty because that is what it is.  The things for and from our ego are made of nothing, they are shells.

Soul pleasures, pleasures from a divine source are lasting.  They are the things that can not be touched, they lie just behind the illusion of the world.  Soul pleasures are enduring and infinate.  They  are ever full and can not be used up.  They are of limitless supply and meant to be shared with others.  There is no greed when we obtain divine pleasures because there is always enough.

The choice in the end is ours.  We have to travel our roads like Dorothy, the lion, the tin man and the scarecrow.  We have to have our experiences to uncover our greatness.  We have to be frightened by the ego, we have to be tempted with our ego based desires.  In the end there remains only one truth.  We are destined to seek and receive the divine pleasures.  The only variable is the time it takes to allow ourselves to know and receive these things.  The decisions are ours, every step of the way.  

The message this week is to observe our experiences.  When we are faced with a choice, with a desire we need to ask ourselves the origin of that desire.  If it abides, if it comes from our souls than we need to be sure of our own will, be strong enough to face our fears and inadequacies and to take the risks.  If it comes from a physical desire, from a desire for the material than we again need to turn to that innate strength to push past the urge.  Know that there is something more waiting that is infinitely more worth your effort.  Know that we always contain everything we need, it can be seen in our experiences and in our connections to others.

Here is to unmasking that little man who is inside us trying to scare us from the truth.



With love and truth



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June 07, 2009

June 7th 2009

Topic: A new look at our "paths"


     I entered June thinking that things would go smoothly.  Like somehow the manifesting that would occur could only be positive.  It would be like winning the lottery. I would travel effortlessly down my "path" for a period of time.  I was looking forward to the rest.  Much to my dismay this has not been my experience.  This weeks message may not apply to everyone.  Let me be the first to say, if you are one who has surrendered completely and have been able to follow your intuition, to align your will with the will of God, being open to whatever experiences come your way regardless of how they fit into any perceived plan in your head, then I suspect you will not be able to relate to this weeks message.  You apparently have already understood what is contained in this message.  For those of us still trying to control, to fight against our intuition, to steer ourselves onto a certain trajectory that we are clinging to, this message is really important.  It is time for us to take notice of the results of our actions so that we can consider another way.

     When I asked why things are not going the way I want them to. Why things are not flowing and helping me stay on this path that I have perceived in my head, I received an answer that rang so true in my soul.  As I expanded out from myself, as usual I saw that this answer seems to ring true for the people around me as well.  I was told that I am perceiving life as difficult right now because I am not being truthful to myself about what it is I am here to do.  I am sustaining an image, a facade, clinging to an idea of what I am.  I am trying to manifest in a way that maintains a false front.  We all play roles and that is a part of the human experience.  We have the roles of our jobs, the role of caretaker, the role of addict, or the role of ill (physical and mental) etc etc. We identify with those roles so strongly that we become limited by them.  We start manifesting for the roles and not for our souls and our higherselves.  When we begin to believe that those roles are all that we are, then we begin to think that the roles are the truth of who we are, that is when we end up experiencing misery.  We become short sighted. We become the force that limits ourselves.

     It is this short sightedness that leads us to feel like we are not getting what we want.   To create in our lives we create from our deeper truer selves.  We all to often fall into the habit of seeing ourselves in terms of the exterior.  This exterior focus then leads to our seeing a starting point and and ending point.  We crave that "end" so badly that we begin to feel we have to control everything.  We do not want to miss out, or have things get all "messed up".  We are afraid to leave anything to "chance".  The problem is we are the only thing that ever stands in our way.  Our own perception of who we are, and our perceptions of how it is things need to look.  We limit the path we take to get to the "end".  Eventually creating a path so narrow it becomes impossible to stay on it.  Then we feel that we are taking to long to get to this end goal, or that we are going in the wrong direction, because we can not stay on the narrow path we have created, that we begin trying to control even more.  Leading to a cycle that is hard to escape.  We run around forcing things around us, pushing all the answers before the questions have been asked.  Further narrowing our perceived path.  Through this control we actually end up prolonging our suffering. 

    The end is not the goal.  The end is the carrot to keep us continuing on the journey even when it gets really tough. The journey is the goal.  When we focus on that end we miss the point. When we narrow our paths we create a situation where we are so afraid of getting off the path that we can not do anything but focus on this perceived path. The experience of the present is missed and we cease to seek the joy in the everyday.  We frantically yell and fight when our lives veer a little off  this narrow, limited path we have perceived as the only way to that goal. Often missing the fact that perhaps the turn has lead to someplace even more beautiful.  Perhaps stepping off that line a bit has created an opportunity.  Opportunities that are even greater.  We immediately say " I have to get back to that path"  without even looking up to see where it is we are.

     The trick is, the end always stays the same.  That end point is guaranteed no matter how many twists and turns we take to get there.  No matter how far we may feel we have stepped off our limited path ways. The straight line does not mean you " did it better".  In fact the message this week is that its the unexpected turns and twists that are the point.  Learning to go with those turns.  Learning to surrender and to enjoy when things veer off our perceived paths.  Looking up to fully experience and take in the wonder of the "detours" is the point.   These detours challenge the roles that we have played.  They challenge us to take on new roles, to drop some of our old roles.  By having a willingness to change roles we acknowledge the temporary nature of all of those roles and we open up to recognizing the truth of who we are.  The roles are there to serve us.  To help us know a piece of ourselves.  We are not there to serve the roles.  We must allow ourselves to be more than we and others around us have perceived us to be.  We are more than the caretaker, we are more than the secretary or boss, more than the addict, more than any illness or label that has ever been placed on us (either by ourselves or others around us). When we can look upon the unexpected as an adventure, as a chance to experience something new, to play a new role that will lead us to understand ourselves in a deeper way, instead of as a slow down in our growth, then we are truly getting the point of what it is we came here to do. 

     The message this week is to remember the big picture.  When we open up, we are able to see that once we let go of control, once we stop limiting and narrowing the path that we allow ourselves to travel on during this journey, then we are open to joy.  The adventure of life is what brings greatness.  Being fixed and rigid in how we will allow that joy to come, in what we recognize as success or acceptable, leads to a feeling of failure and unease.  We create with our thoughts, part of creating joy is to recognize the innate joy that lies hidden in every opportunity an experience (even those we did not plan or necessarily want). Even when it means dropping a role we have enjoyed.  Through the surrender we allow a new role to rise up, allow ourselves to learn something new about the truth of who we are.  Clinging to the old leads to stagnation.

  Embrace your new roles, each and every one of them as they come to you, by being willing to let go of some old roles.  Open up and allow that path to be wide and full of turns.  Be willing to follow that path and to look up and experience to where it is you have been lead.  The key to joy, the thing that all those people around us do, those who seem to have everything they want ,  is to surrender and enjoy where they are every moment. Embracing new roles and new ways to perceive themselves.  That in the end is the only difference between bring joy or bring struggle into our lives.  If you want to experience the magic and the power of this month it is important to be willing to surrender to whatever is brought to you.  This includes allowing the old to drop, being willing to broaden out our paths a bit.  By controlling and hanging on, June could be experienced as painful, and as a struggle instead of the gift it is meant to be.


With Love and Truth




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June 01, 2009

Energy Guide 6/1

 Topic: Changing landscapes

 May was not an easy month.  For me things felt ungrounded. Communication was difficult and misunderstandings abounded.  It felt like things around were shifting and like I did not fit with them in any way.  Over the weekend it became more clear.  I felt like that,  because indeed that is what was happening.  We were in an energy of change, of shifts in our environment.   We have emerged from  this phase and the dust is beginning to settle.  It does not mean things stop changing.  There is always movement. Things will now begin to reform after a period of shifting where things seemed to fall apart or breaking away.

What I have noticed is that towards the end of May things settled enough that I could begin to try to straighten up everything in my life after that seemed to have gotten shaken up and tossed around a bit.  When I went to put things in there places there was an odd sensation like they did not fit where they had previously belonged.  This week the message came in as I watched the people around me seem to be having very similar experiences.  Things are not fitting in the way there were before.  Relationships we counted on have changed.  If we used to count on a particular friend for help with relationships, suddenly that friend is unavailable or uninterested in helping.  If we used to use an item to perform a particular task, suddenly it does not work for that task.  If we are used to fitting in to a particular group in a certain manner, we are finding that our role has shifted.  This applies to social situations as well as work situations.  Things have changed somehow.

At first experiencing this change can lead to panic.  Like we have lost our places and our supports.  A moment of panic sets in where we think perhaps we will be free falling for eternity.  This particular shift seems to be very quick in leading us to what is next.  Its like you have the moment of panic and then begin searching, scanning around to see how to organize these changes.  We say " where are the new supports?"  " What is my new role in this situation?"  and unlike previous times where there was a long wait for an answer we are immediately lead to what is next.  Lead to the new forms of support, lead to the new items and tools we can use, lead to our new roles in each experience and group.

Early June is about forming the new connections, putting the puzzle back together to form a different picture.  We have been collecting these pieces of a puzzle and we have no picture, no template of what the finished puzzle will be.  For  many of us we began putting the puzzle together and we thought we had a pretty good idea of what the finished picture would look like.  May showed us that perhaps we had that image wrong.  May had us disassembling our puzzles a bit  because things were not quite fitting. The puzzle could not be completed as it was currently set up.  June is about collecting more pieces and finding a new way for the old pieces to fit.  If a pieces of our puzzle does not seem to fit, the message is "do not discard it". The thought "this must be to someone else's piece"' is wrong.  You only have access to your pieces.  In the grand sceme eventually all of our individual puzzles fit together to form a grand mural, but at this phase you can be assured that you are only working on your section and only recieving your pieces.  People around you offer clues to what the picture is by showing what their image is, since they will all eventually fit together.

  The message for early June is to keep trying to see where each new piece you recieve fits and to see if the old pieces fit in a different place.  Perhaps the picture you are creating is not what you thought it was.  By rearranging the pieces and not forcing them into where you thought they should be you are open to let a new picture unfold for you.

Many people feel very positive things in June.  I am being assured that is indeed the case.  The middle to end of June is about new things manifesting in our lives. However, when you get what you want sometimes you find that you did not bargain for how it is you got it.  Before you put a desire out there this month be sure that you want it, and that you are willing to take it however it may come to you.  If there are things you do not want to have happen inorder to get what you are desiring be clear to the Universe about that.  For example some people put a wish out for a big some of money to come to them and do not specify anything more.  Then a close family member dies and they recieve an inheritance.  We have all heard stories like that.  June is set to bring us what we desire, but it is also a lesson in how everything in related.  There is a balance between what we perceive as "good and bad".  There is always a consequence to every movement in the Universe.  Be aware of that connection as you draw your dreams towards you this month. 

 Do not be disheartened right now by dismantling your puzzle.  Keep looking for new ways all the pieces fit together and keep open to the new pieces that will come in this month.  You will not bedisappointed by the new form the puzzle is taking. 


Inn Love and Truth



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