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July 1st 2009

Topic: know thy self


    June has been an intense month for many people.  We were told the things we have been manifesting would begin to come to us in June.  The thing is, we just thought those things would look different. We had different expectations.  It seems that even those people who thought that they did not get what they were trying to bring into their lives, just might have missed it, because it did not come in the way they planned it.  The people who did recognize their manifestations all had to say it was not like they thought it would be.  Some may have made the judgment that perhaps what manifested was not quite as good as they expected.  For others what came in was better than anything they could have imagined.  I get this feeling that it is truly the second scenario that is true for everyone- we just have not had the time to see how perfect it all is. We have to drop our expectations first.

  This dropping our preconceived notions is part of what is now going on.  We are again in a process of trying to truly know ourselves, our real selves.  This was first illuminated for me in an experience.  I had the opportunity to go to the science museum and was drawn into an exhibit that I had never gone into before.  It was all about perception.  There were various optical illusions, showing how we can not always trust the information our eyes are giving to us.  We often feel sure of the information our sense perceive, only to find that the information was wrong when viewed from a different angle or through someone else's perception.  We are sure that object is popping out towards us and then the light changes and we find it is really concave, and the light shifts again and we see it is really two dimensional.

  There was one example in this exhibit that came with a strong inner message for me.  In this display there were a series on dots.  Four of them formed a cross and were shaded from the bottom, four were in the spaces outside the cross and they were shaded from the bottom.   The dots forming the cross looked like they popped out, while the dots forming the exterior looked like they were sunken in.  As the picture of the dots was rotated, making the shading switch from top to bottom and bottom to top,  the perception of the dots changed.  Now the dots forming  the cross sunk in while the outer ones popped out.  Nothing had changed,  the dots were actually two dimensional, but due to how the perceived light source hit the dots- due to how they were shaded, the information our eyes sent to our brain changed.

   The whole exhibit was created around the understanding that we are accustomed to a light source that comes from above, our brains take in information based on that.  The thought hit me about this search that many of us are on to find truth.  What if that is the trick, what if it merely shifting the light source to something true.  As I watched those dots the thought came in that if we set an intention for the light to shine from within- out on to everything around us in the world that we may see things as they truly are, instead of an an optical illusion, based on something outside ourselves. That light is something we call intuition.  The use of that true light source is a lost art form.   What if by knowing this trick (knowing how to use intuition, use the inner light source) we then get to choose our perception. 

  As soon as the trick was exposed and I knew the truth, I noticed how my mind could then voluntarily see the dots for their truth.  They were flat, and then I could choose to see one set of dots as popped out by my own will and intention, and then shift that to the other set by acknowledging the trick.  We have a choice within our lives to apply  the same idea.  We can choose to see things as fixed and unchangeable, to believe the illusion, or we can choose to see them for their totality, all the possibilities contained within them.  We can see the people and situations around us for their changeable nature.  We can see all the possibilities and know that nothing is ever as it seems, because it is all changeable.  When we expect to see the worst- it is what we will see.  Our brains are programmed for it, just like they are programed to assume the light always comes from above.

   This June the light source has shifted.  We are not able to hide behind illusions.  The trick was exposed as the light source switched leaving us feeling like we are not sure how to perceive things.  We are not able to hide behind our created selves.  Many of us are finding we no longer want to hide.  Some of us are finding it impossible to hide even if we wanted to.  The dots of our lives are being exposed as the light shifts around us.  This summer is not only about manifesting  our desires but also about manifesting our truest selves, in all areas of our lives.

   June brought in the "new" for many, not always a pleasant thing at first.  Many people were surprised at the form these "new" changes and manifestations came in.  These surprising forms challenged our perceptions.  We were not sure if they were "good" or "bad".  In the end all things lead to a single purpose and they are all rooted in good.  As I noticed the changes and manifestations coming into my life I began to notice a pattern.  I had a conversation with a friend and then another, and another and I found the same topic coming up in relation to "how things are happening but not in the way or the form we expected them to".  I have begun noticing that there seems to be " mile markers" of a sort that we can ask for to let us know that indeed we are on the right track.  Its confusing to have things manifest in unexpected ways.  It leads us to feel like maybe there has been a mistake.  These signs help to reassure us and they are available to us if we choose to acknowledge them.  Its always easy to dismiss these signs as coincidence.

  These "mile markers" are obvious signs hidden in things around us.  Hidden in the phrases people say, hidden in seeing specific unusual things, hidden in the way an event unfolds.  The fun part is that you can know these signals ahead of time.  By tuning into yourself into the inner light source of your intuition, by connecting with the divine,  you can ask for certain markers to be shown to you along the way.  There are some people who may ask to see an unusual car that is rare to see, some people may ask for a specific person to say a phrase or to see an object like a specific piece of clothing.  If you ask for these signs and open up to them you will know them.  This is the same as the experience of thinking of a song and its suddenly played.  We all have these experiences.  I was shown that these synchronicities have a purpose.  I was told to notice my thoughts, feelings, and what I am doing when these experiences happen.  They are clues that will guide us.  They are the magic of divine guidance, divine reassurance that what is happening is for our highest good.

    Recognizing this is going to be important in the coming months.  As more of the new takes shape in July, there will be a need for some of the old to drop away. During this month more of the details of the new will emerge.  We will be confronted with what needs to go, what needs to fall away and then we will be given clearer ideas of what exactly is coming in- even if it does not fully form this month.  The process can be slow, and gradual which is important because we tend to cling to the old.  It is important to remember that what comes in is always greater than what is falling away.  It can not be rushed, we are emerging into a truer version of ourselves and there is a process to it all.

    The new energy began arriving in June and these next few months are about that slow process of it all taking shape.  Its about loss and rebirth.  Its about the phoenix rising from the ashes.  In the end a beautiful thing, a true version of ourselves, but these next few months are full of growing pains.  To help us we get to rely on those mile markers to tell us, indeed we are headed in the right direction.  We also have a sense that we are headed towards something great, we will get glimpses of this greatness mixed in with the pains that accompany our growth.

   Many of us can expect the new to be more solidly in place in our lives in late August, early September.  At this time we have our choice.  We choose how to perceive what has taken place.  We can see the changes as opportunity, a chance to embrace a more real version of ourselves.  We can choose to shift that light source so that everything is illuminated from within us (with all the scary risks this entails).  Or we can cling to the old, believing that what our eyes perceive around us is the only truth.  In the end either way we choose the underlying truth remains and everything that is not of truth will naturally fall away.  In the end the trick is exposed.  Our choice is in how we embrace the changes, in how willing we are to embrace ourselves and take the risks needed to accept ourselves.  Knowing our true selves is a key in making this choice, in taking the straightest path towards a bigger truth, towards bliss. But, know that no one can fail, the river just may meander a bit more.  The choice is always ours  



With Love and Truth



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