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July 24th, 2009

Topic: helping eachother


   Its been tough to catch up with time as it whizzes past me to sit down and write about what is going on.  In truth it all seems to be moving so fast its hard for me to even tune in and make sense of it all before the next phase comes.  I think this was so pronounces these last few weeks because it is an important thing to acknowledge right now.  In talking with several people this week there is this sense that things are happening rapidly.  Time itself seems to have sped up another step (and here we thought it could not possibly get any faster).  In considering this idea of time  the reason for the apparent speed up was brought to my attention.  There is a lot of change happening right now.  On personal levels and on a global scale.  People are being pushed far out of their comfort zones.  I know in my own life and in the lives of many people I know this month has been about being pushed past what we previously thought our limits were.

   Many people are experiencing major shifts in their lives.  They are taking chances that they previously did not think they would take.  People all around me are taking risks, quitting jobs, leaving relationships, enetering into new situations they did not have the courage to enter before.  It is a scary and exciting time for all of us.  It has us running around like chickens with our heads cut off and yet seeming to get little to nothing accomplished right now.  These few weeks have been a continual lesson in how when we force our will and do not allow the divine to flow in our lives that we end up exhausted with nothing to show for all of our hard work.  It just feels like with all the risk taking and change that we "should" be doing something.

  During a meditation that I was a part of on Monday night I received part of the message on how to deal with all of the chaotic energy this month has brought.  It was a message about the importance of depending on eachother.  Throughout my own journey I have received messages about varying parts of my path.  There have been times where I needed to do some of my own self growth work alone, and other times that I was told that I would be provided help and needed to accept that help willingly.  The message I received this week was that during times like these, when the energy ramps up the way it has over these last few weeks, it is extremely important to seek help and support from others.  This is a time of rapid change.  It is a time where things are shifting so extremely and at such a fast rate that we can feel disoriented, nauseous (almost sea sick), and emotionally drained.

  While at a lake recently I sat on a dock and meditated, connecting with the world around me, the peace and calm of it all.  My attention was drawn to the water.  The way that the water was glass smooth.  Occasionally a bug would land on the surface or a fish would jump causing a ripple in the glassy smooth surface of the lake.   I watched these ripples echo and stretch out far from their center point.  The ripples would then intersect eachother without one stopping or slowing the other.  The two ripples would merge into a new pattern, sometimes three or four ripples converged.   The thought that accompanied this image was about how the space around us operates the same (even though we can not see it with our eyes).  Every action and thought we have causes a ripple that extends out around us.  These ripples interact and bounce off people around us, and their ripples bounce off of us.  The ripples penetrate through the spaces between our cells and we are unaware of this interplay happening all day long.  We see ourselves as individual, as separate without noticing the impact we have on eachother.  It is this thought that keeps us from reaching out.  Whether we reach out for support from others around us or not, what we experience as individual IS impacting people around us.  We can not see it, sometimes we do not feel it but it is there, rippling through the air around us in an ever expanding invisible wave.

  We need to lean on people around us and we need to learn to ask for help and support.  What we each experience is impacting all of the people around us, they deserve the opportunity to support and help us through our trials.  American culture is very individualistic.  Its hard for us to ask for help, hard to admit that we can not do it alone.  We were never meant to do it alone.  That is why our energy ripple out and crosses into eachtoher.  It is true we each have our own unique path.  We have times that we need to travel parts of that path on our own.  Right now it is clear that we are at a point that we need to learn to feel our interconnection with others. We need to see the overlaps of our journeys our thought and actions and seek support from one another.  If you are one of those "island people"  (People like myself who are an island unto themselves and rarely seek outside support for fear it will come across as weakness)- well, this part will be a challenge.  Its clear that from this point moving forward on our paths we are going to require mutual support and collaboration.  The old ways do not work anymore.  The false fronts where we pretend everything is ok and pretend we have it all under control when our world is shattering around us is now transparent.  In the past we could pretend, we could follow the saying "fake it until you make it".  This is falling away and what is emerging is a world where our vulnerabilities are showing through and everyone can see them or at the very least sense them.  So we can try to rebuild our crumbling facades and pretend that everything is ok or we can admit that we have fears about the changes occurring, fears about what is happening in the world and we can seek comfort and strength from eachother. 

   Admitting to being afraid is a huge part in over coming fear.  To admit and seek help from others is the way to battle fear.  Others can reassure us we are not alone.  They can help us see a broader vision of the bright future that follows a difficult passage.  They can help us face those fears and overcome them.  In the end all we are doing is choosing between living from fear or living from love.  When we live openly with eachother, when we seek support and seek to support we are living from love.  When we hide our faults and cover our fears, seeking to isolate ourselves we are living from fear.

   This is a difficult time, it is an exciting time.  Our dreams are manifesting, our new lives are taking shape and in doing so they are stirring up our deepest fears.  We achieve a level of comfort and think that we have finally made it to whatever destination we thought we were headed to, only to find that there are more fears and places for growth ahead, stretching for endless miles.  The journey is tiring and it is endless.  To do this journey alone the whole time is hard, it is arduous work.  In sharing our journeys and mutually supporting eachother these roads we travel can become joyful.   When we laugh and play and help ease eachothers burdens the work we are doing will cease to feel like work at all.

  As these changes and shifts continue to occur into August, perhaps even escalating keep in mind your sources for support.  Seek people to help you on your journey and seek to help others around you.  It is in this mutual support that we will all move further than was possible alone.


With Love and Truth





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