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Energy Guide 8/27/09

  Topic: Finding ourselves

   Whew!  It has been an intense time as of late.  Things are changing so rapidly it feels as though we are on sailing on a turbulent ocean in a rutterless boat.  That mental image keeps popping into my mind throughout this week.  It's a scary and exhilarating feeling.  One that I hope will not last too much longer.

   So what in the world is going on?  Everyone around me is asking the same question.  I find myself asking God the same thing several times a day.  Well, I actually received the answer way back in January when I tried to see what this year would bring.  We spent this summer manifesting the heck out of everything in our lives.  Those of us who managed to get into the energy of manifesting brought all kinds of creations into our lives.  Some were huge and others were small.  We were so into the excitement and energy of creating that we just kept doing it. We created an overabundance of things and situations in our lives.  We were manifesting machines.  This was an important time to show us what we are capable of.  Now we need to examine the shadow side of all of that manifesting.  There is a lesson for us to learn about our creations.  September is about that lesson.

  The energy has already shifted and yet its only the beginning.  I have to say that knowledge does not bring me comfort.  This past week has been difficult.  I have watched as what I have manifested in my life changed and become something other then what I imagined it to be.  I struggled with the changes and tried to will my creation back to its original form. The truth is that our creations are made of the same things we are.  They begin to take on life of their own and they shift as we shift and grow.  God made us and he crated us with an idea in mind.  God loved us enough to allow us to change and grow.  Allowing us to move away from his original plan for us.  He believed we would come back and continues in that belief.  This week has put me in touch with the heartbreak God must feel as he watches his creations stray from his original intentions for them.  But that is what creating is about.  Its bringing something into the world to express ourselves and then allow those expression to take on a life of their own and teach us something deeper about ourselves.  Through us God continues to know deeper and deeper parts of him/herself.  It is the same for our own creations.  They will morph and change and we can either try to resist that change and cling to our ideas.  We can try to force our creations, our manifestations to only be what we wanted them to be. Or we can release control and allow ourselves to learn more about who we really our from what our creations reflect in their changing forms.

   The purpose of the energy of September is to test what we have created, what we have manifested in our lives.  We did so much manifesting it is time for those manifestations to begin to reveal truth to us.  As things shift and fall and change we need to decide what it all means.   We can view it as loss, come to a place where fear shuts us down and leaves us repeating the same old patterns.  We can go to a place of feeling sorry for ourselves because what we manifested did not work the way we wanted it to.  Or we can choose to go to the place of love and truth.  We can view the shifts and the falling away of various things in our lives as opportunities to get to know ourselves more deeply.  Every loss reveals something about our own nature.  Something we need to know in order to continue to grow and evolve, to reach higher heights.  When things fall away we have nothing left but ourselves.  We can focus on everything that has been lost.  We can focus on how our plans and our manifestations fell short.  We can focus on the negative and how the fact that things did not turn out the way we intended must mean that we are flawed and unworthy.  Or we can choose to use this time to realize that in the end the most important thing is our relationship to the self and The Self (our higher divine self).  

   In times where things fall apart and we begin to feel alone we have a choice between feeling lonely or feeling whole in and of ourselves.  To choose the second requires a deep knowledge of the presence of the divine within each of us.  Even when it seems we are alone, if we turn in and seek within ourselves we can see that God and therefore all of humanity, all the living world is continually connected to us.  This month of September is about weeding out and finding what we really mean to call into our lives by challenging the things we have drawn to ourselves.  Those things that remain are what we really need.  Those things that fall aside need to be allowed to do so.  They may return in their own time and they may not.  This month is about trust in the divine.  Beyond the physical however the month of September has a more significant role.  The falling away forces us to go within and find where our true source of strength lies.  Where it is we truly get our nourishment and needs met from.  This month is about discovering our true selves.  It's about reuniting with our divine Self and finding strength and reassurance in that place.  When we bring our everyday self in line with our divine Self we begin to feel the flow of life again.

   This message is hopeful for those of us who feel like we were floating in the river of life going with the flow when all of a sudden we encountered class 5 rapids.  After being tossed about for the past few weeks we landed on shore and wondered what just happened.  Well, the message is that we began to get complacent and we forgot why it is we were floating to begin with.  We do not get to sit back and wait for some destination.  We are being shook up so that we wake up and notice the journey.  We are being woken up so that we continue to learn about ourselves as we continue down the river.  That is the point, to know and love ourselves so that we then become love incarnate.  To become love you need to feel love within.  The rapids have just woken us up so that we can now make a conscious decision to get back into the flow with consciousness of purpose.  No more pity parties, only opportunities for growth and for learning how to love ourselves, how to connect with the divine inside us.

  I have a practice that I have gotten out of the past few months.  I used to take several minutes 2 to 3 times per day to try to connect to God , to feel the presence of God within me.  I should close my eyes and ask God to fill me with love, to let me know the divine love within me.  I would sit until I felt a swell of emotion rise within me and fill me to the point it felt this love was spilling out.  Then this summer as things were manifesting so easily it was easy to let my practice slide.  I was receiving nurturing form outside myself and was seduced into surrendering to that instead of nurturing the love from within me.  The things outside ourselves are illusion, they are temporary.  September's lesson is to remember our true source of nourishment and to lead us back to the divine within.

   Take this time to reconnect with your self and Your Self.  When you can do that the rest of life takes care of itself in a magical way.

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