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September 14, 2009

Sept 14 2009

Topic: unexpected answers


    I have been trying to write this for a week now.  I kept hearing the same story told in different versions over and over a again. I knew this must be the topic was for this week.  I could not seem to get to my computer to write about it however.  As the week continued, the repeated story turned into friends and acquaintances coming to me saying different versions of the same thing..." I just realized that _____ was the answer to what I have been manifesting, I did not even realize it because I was not expecting it to be that way, or look that way"

      Lets begin with the story that I kept hearing earlier last week.  It pertains to just that reaction.  The story relates to getting our prayers answered, getting what we have manifested but having it come in a way, in a form, that we are not expecting.  The most simple version of the story goes like this.  There was a man who was out in the ocean and his boat sank.  As he was treading water he prayed to God and asked God to save him.  A short while later a boat came by and saw him and said "get in our boat".  The man replied " No thanks God is going to save me".  The boat left.  A short while later another boat came by and said " thank goodness we found you, get in the boat".  The man replied " Nope, God is going to save me".  That boat sailed off. The man was getting very tired and wondering when God would save him.  A third boat appeared and the men on the boat said " you look exhausted please get in our boat and we will take you to safety".  The man replied " No, I can't God is going to save me any minute now".  The boat left, baffled that the man would not let them take him to safety.  Soon after the man drown.  Upon reaching heaven and meeting God the man said " God, why didn't you answer my prayers?"  God replied " But I did, I sent you three boats, why did you not accept my answers to your prayer?"

    This story has many versions that I have heard over the past week.  Sometimes its a man in a desert, sometimes its a man in a flood on a roof top.  The point is always the same.  We ask for God's help in our lives, we try to manifest the things we need, calling on divine grace and all too often we pass over the answer to those prayers.  We manifest and pray and let ourselves get stuck in our own ideas of how the answers will look.  We do this to such an extent that often times we miss the divine grace and answers to our prayers that the Universe/God sends us.

    Like the drowning man we may have this grand vision that the hand of God will magically lift us out of the water, when more often God will answer by sending divinely inspired people and situations.  We may expect the answers to our prayers and manifestations to be magical, when in actuality they will blend into our everyday experiences.

     The trick to truly manifesting, to truly receiving the answers to our prayers is to recognize the magic and the answers that exist all around us everyday.  If you are looking for love- well love is all around you, it may not meet your expectation of the kind of love you want to receive.  You want more money, well abundance is all around you, it may not take the form of dollars.  The answers to our prayers may just be life boats or well intentioned strangers, when we wanted the magical hand of God, but these things all around us everyday ARE answers to our prayers.  By seeing that initial answer we then open ourselves up  to knowing the miracles of God, of the Universe.  By accepting the love that exists around us we open up to even greater love, we open up to the love we desire.  We have to accept and start by recognizing the miracles all ready present around us.  By accepting abundance in all of its forms we then open up to greater abundance and to getting all the forms of abundance that exists around us already. Even when the answers do not look the way we wanted them to, if we are open to them they ultimately give us what we need.

    September is still challenging us.  We are still finding out what it is we really wanted.  Beginning last week the energy was challenging us in how we are willing to receive our manifestations.  This energy is continuing into this week.  We brought in many wonderful things this summer.  We also called in some challenges by manifesting that only what is true to ourselves remain.  Many of us have experiences a great clearing out as this manifestation unfolds.  We have asked for this clearing in order to make space for something greater to come into our lives.  We may not like the form the answer to our prayers is taking and we may feel like God is not hearing us but be assured God always hears and always sets into motion what is in our ultimate best interest.  When we get out of the way and stop struggling, then we create the space for the magic to happen.  This current energy is about having faith and trust in the grand plan.  Having faith that all the things we see around us are the answers to our prayers, even though they may not look like we wanted them to.  

   We have a choice.  We can either be like the drowning man and hold tight to our vision of how are prayers are going to be answered, what our manifestations must look like and risk drowning due to not seeing the many ways God provides what we need.  Or we can be open to the miracles and have faith that at every moment, even when it looks like we might be going backwards our prayers are indeed being answered. Our manifestations are taking shape.  We can get in the first boat and allow the Universe and God to do its job in its own unique way.  When we can truly give up control and trust in a divine plan, when we can know we are cared for then life will flow and the magic will be unending.

   Spend some time just noticing the many unexpected ways that God/ The Universe listens to you and sends you what you need.  Look for the answers in the places you are not expecting to find them and you will see how absolutely surrounded by continual support you are. 


With Love and Truth




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