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Energy Guide 10/10/09

Topic: Boundaries


   I am being surrounded by the topic of boundaries these past few weeks.  It appears that October is going to be about defining and redefining boundaries.  I am seeing both sides of this issue.  I have seen friends and acquaintances that have poor boundaries and are allowing people to energetically attach and drain them. I have seen people like myself who over extend ourselves to our own detriment and do not honor the boundaries around the time and energy we spend on others.  Then there are those who's boundaries are so rigid and strong that they do not let other in (I have to admit I am also guilty of this one). 

     Whatever the case is for each of us as individuals, whether we can relate to one or all the above boundary issues, the month of October promises to challenge those boundaries and force us to look at redefining them in a healthier way.  We are being called to reexamine how we relate to one another.  To relook at how we seek to get our needs met and meet the needs of others.  Anything that is not serving our highest good , old patterns of how we relate to each other are being challenged.  The consequences of those old patterns are being magnified.

   So I am being asked to take each of the three above boundary issues and talk about how they work, what the function is and suggest possible ways I was shown on how to rethink those boundaries and how to shift them to something that will allow for more optimal functioning.

   So lets first look at the issue of others to attach to us energetically.  For those who begin into psychic work or healing work we often are amazed at the feeling of being connected to others.  We begin to try to feel people all the time.  It's fascinating to us.  Even those not into healing and psychic work do this with those they love or care deeply for.  We are constantly seeking to understand more, we want to feel as close as we can to those we care about.  We try to get close through connecting to an others soul.  This month the consequence of doing that are going to be more pronounced to show us the pitfalls and problems with attaching to others energy (especially when we are not invited to do so, or when we are doing it for reasons that are not serving our highest good).  I have been shown through my own experiences and through the experiences of those around me that this kind of connecting leads to taking on others emotional states and feelings and also can lead to a strong energetic drain.  Somewhere we got the idea that we need to draw energy from people and this has led to continual feelings of incompleteness and unending searching.

   So what can we do about this?  Well we need to break the pattern.  Whether the cords and attachments we form with others are from them towards us or from us towards them or any combination inbetween- the bottom line is that those cords need to be broken.  We are not meant to attach to eachother's energy- we are meant to have shared experiences and draw energy from the only true source, from the Universe, from God (which ever term you are most comfortable with).    I was reminded of a common concept learned in beginning psychic and healing classes.  It is extremely important to continually visualize or feel the connections we form consciously or unconsciously to others and to visualize breaking those connections.  Those connection can act as drains.  I was reminded this month of how we are to be connected through Universal energy/God energy not through these energetic cords.

    As we break those connections it is important to do so with love, not with anger or resentment.  Not wondering "why is this person attaching to me"  but rather to merely recognize the feeling of an attachment (a feeling akin to something pulling or emptying energy from us or something pulling our thoughts towards a person or situation).  It is important to notice those places our energy is being drawn from and to disconnect those connections with love.  Then allow God/ the 'universe to send love to healing you and the person or situation that was attached to you. All of this done while holding thoughts of love and compassion.   Once connections are cut and healing/love is sent out it is essential to clear ourselves.  To ask God/ the Universe to clear your mind, body, and soul- to feel love permeating through your body clearing away any negative energy.  I am being reminded of the importance of doing this in the morning (as many times our souls reach out at night and can try to form these connections),  it should also be done any time you notice a severe mood change, ruminating thoughts about a person or situation, or when you feel a draining feeling on your energy, and finally just before bed.  This has always been important to do, however most of us do not see the need to do it regularly- we simply forget.  The month of October is going to make the symptoms of not doing this disconnecting and clearing more pronounces so that we can see and understand the importance more fully.

   In the area of over extending ourselves the message is to begin practicing saying "no".  October is going to intensify  the impact of not drawing boundaries around the energy we expend in physical activities.  We will find this month that in trying to do everything for everyone we are feeling exhausted and completely depleted more often than we are used to.  The energy of this month is sending a strong message for those of us who have a habit of overextending that doing this has a negative impact on our overall well being.  Limit setting is going to become a must this month as we will find we simply can not handle the effects of expending all of our energy on others.  Not only that but our effort to reach out and help in ways beyond what we should will not be received.  In fact we will be resented for overextending and involving ourselves where we should not be involved. 

  The importance of taking time for ourselves to reconnect with the divinity inside of us is essential.  It is not just a good idea but will become essential this month.  Most of us can not live permanently in a state of out flowing energy.  At some point it is key to disconnect from the outflow of love to others temporarily and to just be connected to Source.  Even Jesus had to do this.  As he was healing others and spreading his message he periodically was noted to have taken breaks to meditate and reconnect to the Father.  This can be done by quiet meditation, by getting into nature, or by doing anything that brings joy and helps us to feel as though we are being filled with love.  Doing this allows us to give more to others eventually as well as to know appropriate times and ways to give for the highest good of others.  The importance of setting boundaries around how much we can do and allowing some "me time" is key.  October will increase the exhaustion and possible resentment feelings if we do not set these boundaries and take time for ourselves.

    Finally in the area of boundaries that are too rigid so that no one is allowed in.  Again the effects of doing this will be intensified this month.  The feeling of isolation and that nobody "gets" us will be prominent if this is the issue we are struggling with.  As we continue to present only a facade of perfection and strength we will further send a message to others around us that they are not needed.  We will increase our own isolation.

  The message around this is to begin to take risks.  We need to find one person we can let in- someone we can let see at least one imperfection, one insecurity and let that person know that softer/vulnerable side of ourselves. It could even mean realizing we are not an island and asking or reaching out for help from others. This is hard because often people who have rigid boundaries have them due to fears based on past rejection (real or imagined).  The fear that we will again be rejected is strong and it feels like a huge risk to let even one person know our vulnerabilities.  This month the consequence of not doing so will be made very apparent.  This is happening so we can see that the risk of being rejected or hurt is far less than what it is we lose by not letting others in, by not letting others see who we really are with our greatness and our faults.

  October is a positive month but it's a time to get honest about our patterns of relating to others.  Its time to realize the true Source of our inner strength and to begin to draw that strength from the proper places.  Its time to be real in who we are with others.  In doing so we will realize the joy of right connection and balanced sharing among eachother.


With Love and Truth




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