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Energy guide 10/26

Topic: Anger and Revenge


   This energy guide is related to the last one about boundaries.  As we have been redefining our boundaries this month, some of us have experienced ruptures in our relationships.  Some of these ruptures may have occurred a while ago but the effects on us are still present.  The end of October is about addressing those residual feelings that are impacting us.

     I have noticed that there seems to be an influx of negative energy.  People around me including myself are feeling angry, hurt, some are seeking revenge (actually or just in their minds).  There is this urge to stay stuck in the thick of things.  To continue to indulge in our negative thoughts.  Whether those thoughts are about the hurt and the details of what someone else, or a group of others did to us that led to our feeling hurt or angry.  Thoughts about self pity for having been involved in a situation that went bad. Or if the thoughts are about revenge and anger itself.  If we are stuck with that seething pain burning in us so that its all we can think about.  For some of us it may be that we are mad at God or the Universe for recent events and losses.  Some of us may even be holding on to anger at ourselves for making the choices that led to our pain.

     The message this week is that its time to take a deep breathe and step back.  There are important lessons and opportunities in whatever we just experienced.    When we are in the middle of it and surrounded by the raw emotion we can only see from our limited view.  From this limited view point there is always a "winner " or "loser", a " right" point of view or a "wrong" point of view.  We only see things through our lens and only get the skewed picture our mind wants us to see.  We say things to our selves like " I did everything and this is how the other person treats me", or we think " I obviously cared more" or " I can not believe some one would do this to me" or " What did I do for God to punish me like this?".  Or " Why am I so stupid, why did I make that choice?".  If you have noticed yourself having these kind of thoughts (like I have) the past few weeks, its time to take that step back.

     However we calm ourselves in a healthy way, whether its through yoga, meditation, walks in nature, cleaning, going out dancing, watching a movie, listen to music etc.  It is important to take time to step away from the negative feelings and get ourselves into a more positive frame of mind.  The world will not fall and no one will "get away with anything" if we let go of those feelings.   In fact we free ourselves to let the new come in by letting go.  The longer we hang on to resentment, anger, hurt the longer we keep ourselves from moving forward.  It is important to experiences those feelings.  I am by no means advocating stuffing and ignoring "bad" feelings.  What the message is about is letting go when we notice we seem to be clinging to those feelings, when we are not letting ourselves move on.

     Once we are in a positive frame of mind I am being shown that it is important to try to get our minds to widen our narrow view of our worlds.  It is important to try to take in the whole story in a nonjudgmental way.  To see that in every situation there is an interaction between ourselves and those around us.  We are all functioning from a place where we are trying to do our best.  Every move we make is justified in our own minds.  Once we can begin to believe this about the people around us it makes it easier to forgive the things they may do that hurt us.  We can see the pure motives behind the actions whether those motives are fear, hurt, anger, excitement, believing its the right thing etc.  We all function the same at the core.  We all beleive our actions are best in the moment.  Sometimes we just function from a damaged place and do things that inadvertently or purposely ( in the case of revenge) hurt the people we care about.  Sometimes we hurt people due to a higher purpose- such as setting them free to live their own path and their own truth or to free us to live ours.  This is rarely ever understood in the moment.  When we are set free or set others free there is often pain in the moment.  With time everyone involved sees the reason and knows it was the right thing and that they are now better off.  This is how it is with the Universe as well.  What may seem cruel or like a punishment is generally an new opportunity taking shape.  First something of the past must be let go of however.

    For the next few weeks its time to clean out our emotional closets to let go of pain and anger and look for ways to forgive those we perceived have wronged us.  After all, I can say that even though I have hurt people in my life it was never what I set out to do, I would think all of you can say the same.  It is time to release those negative feelings and reconnect to the big picture that we are all in this together and that even seemingly hurtful acts are all things that eventually lead us to where we are going.  Even when we hurt one another,  at a soul level it is being done from love and as a means to continue to push us forward.  Feel the feelings, cry, yell, hide do what ever you do to deal with the very real hurt that we all feel.  Then once those feeling have been experience get up, dust yourself off and let go of the anger, hurt, resentment, need for revenge.  Holding on to those will only serve to put us in shackles.  Letting go frees us, and allows us to appreciate the big picture- to gain a glimpse of someone else's perspective.  Maybe we can even learn something about ourselves by trying to truly understand what leads people around us  or ourselves to do things that lead to our feeling pain.  After all that is what we are here for- the chance to experience, learn, and grow.  

    Here is wishing us all peace of mind as we face these hard situations and hope that we can learn to understand ourselves and those around us on a deeper level so that we can accept and love eachother and finally let go of the pain.


With Love and Truth




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