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November 02, 2009

Energy Guide November 2nd 2009

Topic groupings/humility

   It has become apparent lately that people seem to be separating into various groups of experiences.  Some people as always remain blissfully ignorant- you have to envy those folks, it would be easier.
    Other people have been led to retreat and seek inner quiet- unsure of what is coming next but knowing that whatever it is is very big. Some have retreated with a sense that they need to conquer their issues alone.  They feel a need to fight a solitary battle right now- healing themselves, facing their own demons without outside influence.
   Others have begun to seek connection to others, feeling the pull that the time has come for them to work with others in a shared way towards a common goal and for each individuals evolution. Getting a strong sense that their growth is dependent on this interconnection and exchange.  Being led to open up completely to others around them.
  None of these ways of being is better or worse than the others.  They are just states of being.  We talk about evolution and ascension as if there is a linear process.  Science has proved that our linear process is a construct of the human mind.  There is not first or last, better or worse, no one is ahead of behind.  These are all properties we assign to various states of being in an arbitrary way based on what we believe to be "right".  "Of course everyone knows my way is the one that is the best".  We all believe we are the ones who are ahead and others have been left behind.  Its in our DNA and its part of our training as humans to feel this on a deep level.  We feel bad for eachother because we are trying to get everyone to join us in our way.  "If they don't join us they will be left behind."
   The truth is we are all perfectly where we need to be.  We are playing our roles perfectly.  Those who do not seek to feel and understand the grander meanings of life have their role.  By playing their role they help us all.  They provide the resistance that keeps the rest of us striving for something better- pushing for more and trying to find the proof that there is more to life than what we see with our physical eyes.  Let me be the first to thank those of you for playing your part (although of the three groups this is the one that probably would not even care to read this).  You are not behind you are doing exactly what you are needed to do.
  Those who are retreating with the strong urge to hide out for a while are doing what they need to do.  The sense I get for this group is that they are resting, gathering strength through quiet.  At some point they will be called forward to take on a different role that assists in the evolution of humanity.  So do not feel bad about the urge you have to pull back right now, even as you see so much changing and happening.  Allow yourself to retreat and gather your strength.  Your lack of motivation to accomplish does not mean you are missing the boat- you are playing your part beautifully.  I thank you for the grand role you will be playing in the very near future.
  For those who are retreating with the strong urge for self healing, to conquer your demons alone.  Those having the strong urge to do things without help.  You are gathering inner strength right now through your experiences.  That inner strength will eventually be added to the larger groups.  That energy will be needed in the future as things begin to shift and people start losing steam.  You will be ready to reach out and connect to others just when you are needed.  The people I have seen in this group are difficult because they were part of the group that was joining together and then some of them just suddenly broke off.  Leaving those left in the connected groups feeling like they lost their loved ones.  I have a sense they are not "lost", however.  They are exactly where they are supposed to be, gearing up for their roles.  I want to thank you for the boost you are going to give to us, I want to thank you for taking the time to gather your inner
 strength for the rest of us. In struggling alone you are gaining a much needed piece to the overall evolution of humanity. You have not fallen behind you are where you are supposed to be.  Those in the connected group need to trust that their "lost" friends will one day be reunited.
   Finally, the group of people that are feeling the urge to open up and connect.  Who feel the need to combine energy together to create something bigger than themselves.  You are the trail blazers.  You are setting up sharing communities that are key for the evolution of humans.  You are no better than any of the other groups.  This is your role and it is important to get these communities started however, be aware of your ego and be ready to let the other groups play their part when its time.
   There may be other roles, other groups with different roles that I did not account for here.  What matters is not an description of each grouping but an understanding of the equality of each of these groups and the equality of the roles they are and will be playing.  With out each of these pieces things would not unfold in perfect order.
    In the past when this has set up it can be easy for one of the groups involved to place their role on a superior level.  They refuse to allow for the next phase to do their part.  This slows down the process.  Its like trying to turn a wheel while someone is holding on to it tightly.  
  The message this week is to just be aware of our human minds and their need to order and rank things.  Be aware that although the people around us may not be in the same place we are, it does not mean they are ahead or behind.  Its a lesson in humility.  The consequences are a delay in timing, possibly having to back up and/or start again.  Its always only a "time delay" because nothing can stop humanity from evolving.
  So this week we are being asked to catch ourselves when we are judging others for their experiences.  Things are rarely what they seem to us from our physical eyes.  Perception is relative and can not be relied upon.  Intuition leads to the bigger picture where we can see the need for every role and every situation.  Even the ones we do not agree with.
  Things do not look to be settling down any time soon.  Change is rapid and it is a very confusing time.  We need to guard against trying to make sense of it in the usual way.  We need to appreciate those around us and  try to not force and change others, trying to get them to do things our way.

  With the highest regard and appreciation for all of you in whatever role you may be playing.  We do this together each with appreciation for our varying roles, not by believing our way is the only way.  Lets do our parts and then be prepared to let go so that others may do theirs.

With Love and Truth

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