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December 9th 2009

Topic: the energy of worry


Life has made it difficult to write these guides as often as I would like.  The lovely thing is that until I write about a topic I am given, the message keeps coming back to me.  About three weeks ago this topic was brought to my attention.  It is on the tail of the previous guide discussing the impact of our energy on eachother.  Being mindful to clear ourselves and to be aware of the impact of others energy on ourselves.

This time I was given very specific information about a particular way in which energy impacts us and those around us.  My attention has been drawn to the energy involved with thoughts.  Many of us are very aware of physical energy.  We walk into a home or space and something does not feel right.  We notice that certain places seem to carry heavier energy that tends to leave us feeling sluggish.  With the holidays approaching we find ourselves acutely aware of the impact of being around certain people who tend to leave us feeling drained.  The last guide discussed these situations and how it is important to clear and to removed the cord attachments that others put on us or that we attach to others. 

A more subtle form of this energy draining occurs however, most of the time without our even being aware of it.  As we are around family and friends this holiday season I am getting a strong message that we need to be very aware of our thought energy.  Specifically the energy of worry.  It seems benign, we often view worry as a sign of care.  We only really worry about those we love.  The more we care the stronger we feel worry.  We dismiss the impact that these worry thoughts have and say that we can not help but to worry about those we love.  The message is very clear that this type of worry energy has negative impacts on the people we worry about.

Here is how it was broken down for me.  Think about the thoughts and images you hold in your mind when you are worried about another person.  Are they happy pleasant thoughts and images?  Or are they often pictures and thoughts about the worse case scenario?  I have to say my experience is that they are almost always in the second category.  This idea was related to the concept of manifesting.  "As your thoughts so your life shall be".  By holding worry thoughts we are attracting and manifesting those fears into reality.  Not that we manifest for others- because they could be holding strong beliefs in their own ability to overcome or to be ok, that counter our thoughts.  But by holding worry thoughts we are not helping eachother, we are actually creating blocks and hurdles energetically that others then need to overcome through their own belief and or effort.

I have a very good friend who began to notice that early in the morning when his father would meditate he would feel drained and begin to lose faith in himself. He would also notice it during his fathers lunch break from work.  Intuitively he was told that as his father meditates or when he is eating lunch his thoughts often drift to worrying about my friend.  This friend has many personal struggles that outsiders could see as insurmountable.  His father means no harm.  He can not help but to worry- to wonder if all of his dreams for his son will come to fruition.  To worry about the well being of my friend and if he will be ok.  The problem is the very well intentioned energy that leads him to those worry thoughts is another obstacle my friend has to fight to overcome.  He can actually feel the worry thoughts.  He will feel a strong drain on his energy, on his ability to believe in his own future and then his father will call to check on him.  My friend is fighting hard and this worry depletes the much needed energy he is trying to muster to foster his own belief in his ability to overcome his struggles.

So then what can we do?  I am a parent.  I can relate to my friend's father.  I have worried about my kids.  I have worried about my friends, my parents, strangers on the street.  What I was shown this month was that we need to work on shifting that worry energy into something different.  We can hold images of the worst case scenario, hold thoughts of "what if things don't work out".  Or we can shift those thoughts into belief and hope.  We can see the people we love struggle, we can see them seem to harm themselves with their actions and we have a choice.  We can believe what we see is the truth- we can believe in the lack, the inadequacy and imperfection or we can choose to see the deep inner truth of those we love.  We can choose to hold a belief in the inner potential to overcome even the most arduous obstacles.  

Take a minute right now to think about someone you have held worry for.  Tap into that worry for just a minute and feel the feelings associated with those thoughts.  It feels full of fear and may feel heavy.  Now shift your focus into a belief in that person's inner potential.  The belief in the fact they have divinity within them, unlimited resources and strength despite all the physical evidence that says they are not doing well.  Shift into the belief that they will be ok and that infact they will thrive.  After a minute, once you are really in that place of belief, then notice what it feels like.  I have noticed I can almost smile, I feel lightness well up inside me and I feel reassured.  Well- the person you are thinking about feels the same thing right now because of your positive thoughts.  Which way of thinking do you think benefits them more?

I know for me that I am hoping the people who love me are not worried about me.  I hope that they are holding a belief in me and in the possibilities for my future.  I hope that they are boosting me with their thoughts and believing in my ability to overcome the obstacles in my life.  I have practiced this the past three weeks and intend to hold this lesson for life.  When I notice that I am worried I gently shift that fear based thought into a strong belief in all of our inner strength, to the divinity within each of us.  I choose hope and belief over worry and doubt.

Please keep this in mind as you encounter family and friends this holiday season.  Those struggling with health issues, those struggling with finances, with relationships issues, with mental health.  Whatever the struggle, however bad it may appear, please be mindful of your worry and choose to transform it into the belief and hope that will help boost those around you.  I will forever be doing the same.


With Love and Truth



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