Energy Guide 3/30/14

March 30th, 2014

Topic Universe within

Its amazing how inspiration and insight can come out of the blue- how one thing can inspire a thought that expands ones understanding and then multiple sources confirm and continue to develop that thought.  Such is the case with this energy guide.    I was in a place of feeling frustrated, feeling that life is a massive ball of chaos and that nothing works the way I want it to.  I began to talk to the Universe and ask for guidance as I do when I feel overwhelmed by life (funny that at times I forget to just ask for daily guidance and am reminded when things begin to fall apart- maybe one day I will learn to be proactive).  Anyway I asked for guidance and I was directed to notice a place that was within me.  It was a small place that I know and am familiar with, but that I truly did not understand.  It is tiny like the size of a head of a pin- barely noticeable unless I focus on it.  Its the place some call intuition, some call the solar plexus, some think of as the place within where God dwells.  All of these are true but the nature and my understanding of this place was deepened and expanded in my asking for guidance.  As I was drawn to notice and feel that place within me suddenly the thought of how this place is no different than the head of a pin that all of our universe came from.  I was shown how this place appears so small that it seems impossible that all of everything that ever was or will be is contained in this place- but yet I knew it was true.  The universe was birthed not only outside  as scientists talk about the big bang but is also being birthed within each living thing daily.  We have the potential of a big bang within ourselves daily.

This was more than just what these words can convey- its more than a thought and to understand the feeling of this idea means to understand how limited our beliefs of ourselves and our surroundings have been.  Even in our most expanded thoughts we can barely grasp the vastness of what is within this pinpoint spot in ourselves and in all of creation.  I was in awe of what I felt.  Its like as I focused on that spot I was led to step into it and when I stepped into it the expansiveness surrounded me and I was in the middle of what looked like chaos but so vast it was like the universe itself.  Events and things swirled around me- some of it I could understand and somethings were so indescribable I could not make sense of them like I could not see all of the potential- my brain could not take it all in.  The thought came to me that I could explore this tiny area in me for a lifetime, for many lifetimes and never grow tired or bored of what lies within this tiny spot within me.  Everything I could ever imagine  was there, all the potential of everything- overwhelming in a way that filled me with a sense of hope and possibility.  I thought that just the knowledge of this inner place was answer enough for what I felt- I could go to this place and imagine all that could be, and would be, and see it all whirling around.  Even just being in this place made me feel better like even in feeling stuck I was never truly stick- it was all in process of creation and just was waiting to be brought forward into the physical when I decided or more appropriately resonated with what would be next.

However more information continued to come.  First through a Show and then through a book.    I was so struck by the chaos of this place- it was like the chaos that scientists talk about as being present as our universe was birthed.  Nothing made much sense and everything seemed to be packed in with no sense of order.  Then as I watched a tv program and read a book  the purpose of our minds in this process became clear to me.  In the book I was reading as well as in a science based show I had been watching they talked about how the human brain is programmed to find pattern.  We organize chaos into pattern- and can see these patterns in what seems like a mass of confusion.  We are skilled at this and made to do it.  Suddenly that place within me made more sense.  I know that the way we see patterns is not by trying to see them but rather by stepping back and letting things pop out to us.  I think of those magic pictures, the ones where you have to step back and soften your eyes and suddenly an image pops out in 3-D.  This works the same.  Have you ever known anyone who can not see the magic pictures?  They are trying too hard to see in the usual way or to see what they think it should look like. they are trying to use their eyes as they would everyday and not just relax and let the shape emerge.  To see these images it takes practice for some- its not their natural state- its hard to relinquish control.  For others it may come more naturally.  I was one who needed practice- I used to get so upset I could not see them.  To see the possibilities of what the universe contained within each of us has for us it takes the same kind of skill- the ability to step back and soften your eyes, to relinquish control and thoughts of what you think you should see inorder to let the images emerge.  This in and of itself can take a good deal of time.  For some this phase of even being able to see the possibilities contained within can take years or a lifetime, for others this may come more naturally.  You will know you are seeing all that is contained within this place when what you see feels expansive- like your soul is coming home.

We are also built to create and manifest and the tendency when we see this place of possibility is to force what we see into being- but things do not work that way through force and will.  Many of us lack patience and we see or have a throught of what could be and before we truly examine and understand it we try to push forward saying ” yes I want that” .  Only to find that perhaps we needed to develop the idea and understand what we were manifesting more thoroughly.  To pull creation from this place and into material form we need to work with divine or perfect force, then life flows and we flow with it with greater ease.  It means understanding the true nature of things and being in alignment with God’s will.  To understand what is meant to be and what is in alignment with our souls.  For many of us this is hard to feel- how do we know what is in alignment?   What if we are wrong?  Our tendency to plow ahead and create without understanding has lead us to some painful experiences.  There can be anxiety around this but there needent be.  Those things that appear as images when you soften your eyes and release your mind, the things that make your soul feel expanded are the things that are in alignment with divine or perfect force.  To know this you need to take time to fully understand and see all aspects of the images that emerge.  This process itself can take time.  To just fully understanding what is in our highest good as opposed to what others tell us we should do, or what we think we need can again take years or a lifetime.  I am led to point out that it is important to spend time in this place- to explore that place within and to see all that is there- all the emerges and to fully understand and see what emerges from all angles before pushing to make it manifest.  This is where the masters have said it is important to spend time in silence going within ones self- this is the place they have gone to- and it is so vast that it takes time to understand it and to develop the ability to see the images that dwell within.  These are all positive potentials- everything that we can be and have, all that we are capable of doing.  Our wildest dreams pale in comparison to what potential is revealed in this place.

I am urged to remind us and encourage us all to spend the time in this place daily- getting to know it, getting to know the images within there, all the potentials and when you think you know the possibilities continue to look because they are even more vast and more great than what you have seen.  When finally an image, a possibility calls to you, when you feel that it is indeed time then and only then do you call it to become- with all the belief that it is what is meant to be and it is truth.  Until we know what this feels like our job is to continue to explore. We will know when the time for creation comes- the feeling will be unmistakable to us- but we can only know it by spending the time in this inner universe.  It is important to note that this is the promise made to all of mankind that we are children of a God who provides for us with endless abundance- he planted the seeds of all of the universe within us.  In this tiny place within each of us all of the universe resides- and with this as truth, we know for sure there can be no lack- how can a creature that contains all of the universe ever really lack anything?  We only have believed we can lack and therefore called that to ourselves.  By shifting this belief and spending time daily in the vastness of this inner universe where all is contained we shift our belief from that of a reality where lack can exist to a reality where everything is right there for us, within us.  This again does not happen over night- spending time in this place, seeing all that is within this place, is how we know we can not lack anything.  The outer world may challenge this belief and when it does our job is to go withing and know what lies within us all- everything that ever was is right there always and over time if we focus on this we will know this as our absolute and only truth.

Our job is to spend the time within this place- to learn to first feel and know where this pinpoint place is, to be able to see that even though it seems small that we can enter that place and then soften our eyes and begin to see all that exists within.  As we explore this place  over time we will begin to see the images that make our souls feel free and that feel like truth- first becoming familiar with what truth feels like and then finally to call those things into our physical reality.  Easy words to say but its a long journey worth taking.  It is not taken with exterior helps- its is a personal journey each of us can choose to take or not take.  Doing this and committing to this is the key to satisfying the feeling we may have that we are meant to do something or that we are missing something- that feeling is a call to know ourselves and our truth, our creative and limitless perfect power.  Not ego power but true power as exemplified by masters throughout the ages.  They followed this path within- unlocked the universe within themselves and what appeared as miracles were made manifest- and all the while they told us we are capable of the same- its all there within each and every one of us- if we choose to know it and believe it.

Until next time enjoy exploring the vastness of potential within.

2014 year at a glance

December 30th, 2013

2013 was a year of ups and downs for many people.  The theme seemed to be “manifesting”,  but then we also learned the downside of manifesting.  For many people I know, including myself, we learned how powerful our thoughts can be and how our desire for an outcome can produce unintended consequences along the way.  Maybe you wanted out of a relationship or job and then found yourself without a job unable to afford to live in the way you had, maybe you experienced hurt or betrayal when wanting out of a relationship, maybe you got that mate you wanted only to find out they are full of all kinds of imperfections you were not asking for.  The message of 2013 seemed to be ” be careful what you ask for because you just might get it”.  That is the issue in manifesting isn’t it?- we focus on a specific outcome and try to control getting exactly that, only to find that by trying to control the outcome we lose control of the journey- and it can be a rough road at times.  This leads back to the lessons of the great sages and masters throughout the ages ” live in the moment and only this moment”.  Not to say we should not manifest or co create our reality but that we can have broader outcomes in mind- like a job that fullfills me, where I am appreciated and make enough money to live the kind of life I want to live comfortably- but let go of the ideas of a specific job.  When we get too specific we then force ourselves down a path that may be harder to travel- when we open to the Universe and stay in this moment right now we are able to travel in the flow instead of fighting the current.  I thought it was important to acknowledge this lesson from 2013 before moving to 2014.  Before letting go of the past its important to gain the lessons so that we do not repeat the same things again.  Once we have the lessons of an experience we are then free from having to repeat that experience over and over.

So on to 2014.  With our lessons from 2013 in toe we can now move forward into a new year with our gained wisdom.  To begin with I feel its important to use this time of year to begin with a clean slate.  I personally like to take some time to make a list of all of the things I may be holding on to from the past year- hurts, painful experiences, things that cause discomfort in me and then in a loving and very thoughtful way burn them.  As I write my list I notice my feelings about the experience, then acknowledge the lesson I got from it, and most importantly I hold it in my hands and bring awareness to  releasing the experience with love and honor ( even the very painful ones) and burn them ( in a safe container making sure no fires start elsewhere)  I like to use sage, palo santo wood, or other ceremonial herbs to burn and send the experiences back to God with love and thankfulness for what they brought me.  I try to be as thorough as I can.  I then make a list of what I want to manifest.  Again with my new wisdom making that list from the bigger picture- not too specific but what I want to feel or the place I want to be in internally- such as a respectful partnership with a person I can work and play with, or a job that brings me fullfillment and financial security where I am shown appreciation, or harmony in my family, balance in all areas of my life.  Leaving room for the Universe to bring the best expression of those things into my life and not limiting myself to anything too specific that may cause me to travel a rougher road than need be.  I then do the same.  I hold it and send the intention love and then burn it to symbolize the release of control to God- I have now put these things in Gods hands and send an energy of trust with it.  This is my personal ceremony but you may be lead to do things differently.  Whatever you are lead to do, this cleansing and then intentional manifesting is important to stay involved in the co-creation of your life.  What a better time to do this than at the beginning of the year.  I also do this when I notice that perhaps I have begun to try to control my life too much and need to release at other points in the year.  Its recommitting to my surrender to the Universe to take care of me when I need to.

2014 seems to be a year of great potential.  Not to say its all gum drops and lollipops but its like after a series of rough years, things get better and better each year- we will find more peace and feel more authentic in ourselves if we chose to commit to our spiritual path.  For a while those who began on this path were wondering what we did- it felt like we were being punished for having chosen the spiritual path.  2014 will continue to give the rewards of having made that choice.  We will notice we can handle the harder things with greater ease and grace, not as affected by negative things.  Like the phoenix rising from the ashes our trial of fire has passed and its time to begin anew with new life.  If you are just making the conscious choice to live on the spiritual path you will also gain benefits this year from your choice.  No doubt you have chosen this path due to your own trials of fire and hardship- the sun continues to rise in the sky and the storm clouds are breaking.


I can not lie- January feels like there is a little more cleaning house that needs to happen.  It feels like there will be more lessons and parts of our shadow that we need to look at.  The sense I get is of struggling to take time to reflect and release.  Its like there is a need to do this, but life continues to get in the way by making demands.  This is our chance to take a stand and show we are committed to ourselves and our spiritual growth.  It means making hard choices to let some of the demands of the material world go in favor of doing what we need to to nourish our souls.  If we choose to ” let people down” or let those chores go and focus on ourselves this month we will find we have a lot to gain.  If we chose to put our souls needs aside in favor of all the things that keep us busy then we will struggle through this month.  I am being told to say directly- you have permission to slack off a little this month- not to neglect your life to sit and watch tv or party- but to put off the chores and demands to reflect, be in nature and feed your soul.  So go ahead and leave that vacuuming, or that dinner with a friend and take a walk or do a long meditation instead- you will be in a better place for having made the choice to put your soul first.  We always have choice- so if you choose to ignore this- you will not burst into flames- just know you will feel depleted and will not necessarily find contentment or joy in forcing yourself to do these things- you eventually will be forced to take time for yourself one way or another- why not do it the easy way and just choose to do it now?


This month typically feels more active and lively.  That feeling holds true this year as well.  I get a playful little kid energy.  Its like the sun shines more and we just feel more alive and social.  This is the month for getting together with people- being out and active.  Less solitude – you have earned a light playful period by taking the time to nurture yourself last month.  If you did not take the time you will still have activity and opportunity for fun around you- you just may not feel as up to participating in all of it as you would have.  Go out and be social, see a play, a band, go to a party, have a night out on the town and enjoy.


I feel a murky energy to this month.  I see the sloppy slushy piles of melting snow we experience here in Minnesota this time of year.  The feeling that goes along with that image is of some kind of challenge or big decision to be made.  Its heavy and unclear.  I feel like a situation will be presented that has big consequences and there is an air of indecision on what to do.  When presented with this energy its important to remember to stay in the moment.  It’s uncomfortable and we often want to act or force a decision just to get past the feeling of uneasiness.  Do not act out of impulse- stay present and wait for guidance from the Universe.  Ask for signs to guide you and wait patiently- even though it is hard to be patient, those signs will help guide you to the best course of action.  This is a time to trust your intuition and God.  If you act out of impulse or start pushing buttons before you know what the buttons do you could cause an unnecessarily difficult situation to occur.  If you fail to follow the signs around you, you could miss an opportunity.  This is the importance of being in the moment.  You will never miss the signs if you are present and aware.  Make a daily practice of centering yourself in the present this month.  If you notice you are reliving the past or projecting into the future gently redirect yourself to what is happening right now – do this over and over and over as many times as needed and do it will love and gentleness.  Even if you act rashly or do not act in the proper timing it will end up ok- it just may mean you will have a lesson or a harder time- it is not the end of the world so be gentle to yourself and try to trust in the Universe.


This month feels uneasy still.  Not as bad as March but its like a feeling of a hangover or of having stayed up too late and now your all fuzzy in your brain.  There is this feeling of needing to process everything that happened in March and to come to terms with it.  To accept any changes and possibly gather any lessons and internalize them.  It feels like a month of ups and downs.  Feeling great about things one minute and then feeling a sense of grief or loss the next.  Remember this month that everything you feel is temporary.  The bad will fade if you let it and the good will last a short while so enjoy it fully while its there.  Life is a changing state of experiences- feel them and let new feeling come in as they will.  If we attach to strongly to a feeling and cling to it- that is when we feel pain or suffer.  If we let the feeling flow like water through us we experience the wonder of life- its magical how much we can experience when we are open to what is.


I have an odd feeling to May- its hard to name what the experience will be.  It feels like the sense of nothingness yet in that nothing is something great.  I smell juniper and feel calm.  Its like a time to look at the little things in your life that make you feel content.  Taking a deep inhale of a favorite scent in nature, watching a sunset or sunrise, watching children play, all of the little things that make us smile and feel grateful to be alive.  Notice the magic in the everyday things this month.  Nothing of a major consequence happens yet- in this nothing is all the magic and wonder of life.  This is one of those battery charging months.  just feel gratitude for all the little things and soak up the positive energy and enjoy the rest and peace.


There is a feeling of gearing up for something again this month.  It is important to take stock of things.  Think about what you manifested for this year, what you are manifesting now and make sure you still want those things in your life.  See how those manifestations have begun to happen and make adjustments in the actions or lack of actions you need to take.  Are you controlling or trying to control to much?  Are you waiting for things to happen for you and not taking the actions you are being lead to take when the opportunities present themselves?  Check in and see if you are still listening to your intuition and to the messages God is sending you about your path.  In doing this the tendency will be to beat yourself up if you feel you have done something ” wrong”.  The truth is there is no point in that.  When we beat ourselves up we just further distract and divert ourselves from our path.  Its better to notice if we have gone slightly askew and then gently recommit to the path, than to beat ourselves up and feel defeated.  No one is perfect we all struggle with our egos and our need to control or give up at times.  Take time to recommit to what you want to see in your life this year, take time to affirm your faith in God and the Universe to bring you what you need for your souls growth in the perfect time for you to receive and use it.


This is a huge manifesting month this year.  Its funny because for years August has carried this energy, this year it shifted to July.  It feels like all month anything you think will just appear.  Be mindful of your thought and very purposeful in what you call to you this month.  You will see the wonder of how powerful you can be.  Do not let the power go to your head- be mindful of your ego.  You manifest with God and will draw things to you in conjunction with the Universe.  It is not you at the center, it is the connection between you and God/ the Universe that  creates.  As things manifest please keep that in mind.  When we begin to feel as if that power is who we are – we often get lost and ignore our connection to God.  When we do this we find we suddenly can not create in our lives or begin to draw negativity to us.  This is the importance of humility.  To know it is the connection to the Divine- the Divine flowing through us that has creative power- not us.   No mater if we stay grounded in this connection or if we get lost in what we feel is our personal power this month feels good.  If you choose to get lost in ego the difference will be that you will eventually experience a fall- things will go astray and you will feel pain and loss- its part of restoring balance and part of how we learn.  If you stay connected and humble you will experience all the good and you will feel a part of something infinite and greater- that feeling will stay with you and become an inner wisdom that will carry you through the ups and downs of material existence.


This month feels similar to July but to a lesser extent.  Its the feeling of learning a new skills and being so amazed by it and then after time having it become a part of who we are- no longer extraordinary but just the way it is.  August feels like that feeling of contentment or acceptance of the manifesting power.  We no longer are obsessed with playing with our new toy, its just part of our life now.  We can either choose to neglect and take this for granted or we can have that quiet appreciation at this point.  If you got lost in ego last month this is a chance to rethink where the manifesting comes from- to reestablish your connection to Divine creativity and to choose humility.  It may feel like you are less ” powerful” or that there is not as much awe over how your thoughts create but they are just as powerful- you are just getting used to it now.  Remember to be thankful and to try to notice all the little things.  Like a relationship- when the newness wears off, you can either feel like the relationship is over or you can appreciate the depth of what comes next.  There are no longer butterflies and continual thoughts but there is a deeper knowing of that continual connection, you know you can count on that connection even if its not the only thing on your mind.  There is a deep comfort and joy in that knowledge if you are not too busy morning the loss of the excitement of what was new.


Honestly when I tune into September I feel ill- like nauseous.  It concerns me because its like something big will happen that will shake things up and whatever it is makes me feel sick and a deep sadness.  Immediately I begin to try to sooth myself by acknowledging that even when horrible things happen humanity and especially our souls have a way of picking up the pieces and moving on.  We can be shaken in horrible ways and somehow we continue and go on to have positive experiences.  Even the most terrible things fade with time and we heal.  The power of the human spirit- our ability to overcome adversity seems to be the theme here.  I am hoping its just a feeling- but remember and hold this in your hearts and minds if something tragic does happen – that we humans are resilient and we have this way of sometimes becoming even better after bad things happen to us.


This month feels like the resilience is really evident.  I picture looking around in awe of  what not only I, but everyone around me is capable of.  The greatness that comes from ordinary people.  The sense of community, of the collective working together .  It reminds me of after 9/11 when you saw communities coming together.  For a period of time you could see all the best of humanity- people helping eachother, reaching out to families, doing things that were selfless and wonderful.  October feels like that kind of energy.  It fills me with hope for all of humanity.  Sometimes we see and hear about horrible things people do and we begin to lose faith in the goodness of people.  Then when we look more closely we realize that although there are people who do hurtful things, that generally most people care about others and try to do things to help.  Most people are generous and selfless.  Its important than even when we are faced with evidence of ” evil” that we hold a belief in the innate goodness of people.  It is this consciousness that will eventually lead to peace for this planet.  Our thoughts are powerful and our beliefs create our reality.


I get this sense of life moving on again- to an even greater extent.  I feel like people are doing there usual thing- everyone is bustling around preparing for the holidays.  There is this deep sense of joy to it all though.  Its like when you go through something and are shaken by it and then suddenly its done and you have moved on and you have this gratitude for being able to do all the day to day things that make up life.  There is a renewed vigor for life this month.  I feel like people are going the extra mile for eachother.  Its not about what people can do for us, but the focus is on what we can do for others.  I feel like a fountain that is over flowing.  Like there is so much to do and give to people around me and that it just keeps flowing without running out.  Take time to do the little things for people around you- friends, relatives, strangers.  This month is about giving freely and experiencing the joy that comes from giving and doing for others.


This is the reflection of the previous month.  There is a balance to all things in life.  What flows out needs to be allowed to flow in.  A cycle or flow needs to happen.  If we give out, we then need to open ourselves to receive.  Sometimes our egos get involved in this and we suddenly expect to receive in a specific way or refuse to let things flow to us.  We get upset when we do not get that thank you card ( how rude!) or when we say ” well I did this for him and now I need him to do the same and he is not here for me”.  Being open to receive does not mean that we demand things from others.  It means we say to the Universe “I am open to receive the things I need for my highest good.”  We are grounded and assured that there is a Universal truth that all things that flow from us will flow back to us.  We let go of the how and just trust that truth.    We then are open to all things that flow to us.  We may have given service to others and then material items flow to us, we may have given money and suddenly love flows to us through various ways and sources.  It is an exchange of energy and the form the energy takes can vary- it can come in the form of material items, money, love, service..the forms are endless.  It does flow back- our job is to be open to any form it takes and to realize it has flowed back and the circuit is complete.  We put out energy, it then flows back and we put it out again- over and over.  I may do something nice for you  and then you may pass that along to someone in the form of money or service for someone else, while someone else gives me an item I needed- we pass along the energy flow, not in a closed circuit, but in an open one where the energy flows in all directions.  If you find yourself being resentful of a person because they did not thank you or were not there for you after you did something for them- instead of holding that resentment open up and see how the Universe had the positive energy flow back to you- perhaps from another source.  The law of flow is a truth.  The only things that blocks it is our own lack of awareness that indeed things are flowing to us as much as they are flowing out of us.  Let go of your expectations this month and open up to the grander picture of the flow- see and appreciate all that flows to you, accept it all instead of blocking it.  If it has come to you it was meant for you and accept it graciously.  When we are in the flow of this giving and receiving energy life becomes a miracle every day, all our needs are met without effort.  When we block the flow we create struggle- and really there is no need- this is just ego stopping us from our full potential.

I hope you have a wonderful 2014.  This is life- there are ups and down but staying connected to our higher self, to the Divine always provides us a lifeboat and  a map.  We all need that reminder from time to time so that we remember we are not alone.

With Love



November 11th, 2013

Topic 11/11

So the topic of the 11’s has been coming up over and over in conversations in my life.  I have read a lot of  the numerology explanations and somehow, as much as some of what I read seems timely and helpful it does not quite capture exactly what 11 means.  I began seeing 11’s about two years before I went through a divorce.  I would see the 11 and feel this inner uneasiness- like I knew what was going to happen and how things would never ever be the same.  There was anticipation and fear all wrapped into one package of uneasiness.  I knew that the 11’s meant major change and I knew that eventually this change would be good- but I hate change and I feared what the dropping away of all that I had known would be like- on a day to day human level.  My soul knew that the changes were necessary and in fact fundamental to my growth on a spiritual plane but the human side of me wondered what I  would do if the things I depended on to be there, were no longer there.

Since the time I was first drawn to the 11’s I have learned to see signs around me to help guide me daily.  I ask to be shown things to help me know I am on the right path.  Sometimes we are lead to do things that do not always seem to make sense, sometimes it seems like we are going the wrong way altogether.  So I have learned to ask for signs.  In doing this I have come to see the following meanings for 11 in my life.  I am lead to share this as the conversations that I have had with people recently have me  thinking that others are also seeing the 11’s and are not finding the answers to what these number messages seem to symbolize in their lives.  Perhaps my experiences will touch others who are trying to make sense of their lives, looking for answers on what is happening and when things will fall into place.

When I began seeing 11’s it was 11:11 that I first saw.  I had initially, in my research, took this to mean I am on the right path.  A meaning I still believe.  I also would see 111.  This I saw as a sign that God or the universe was directing my life and had things under control- kind of a ” don’t worry everything is a ok” from the universe.  I also still find that to be true.  I would see plain 11.  That I took to be confirmation that I was making a decision that was on my path- that I was holding the correct course.  Like the universe saying ” yes keep doing that”.  I still believe that 11 means that and find I see them usually in the course of an action I am doubting or second guessing myself about.

111 and 11:11 have come to have a deeper meaning beyond my first belief and my initial research of them.  This is the information I am being lead to share now.  I will begin with 11:11 since that is usually how it begins for people- they see that one first and then it shifts to 111.  It can be the opposite but lately I have been involved with people getting the 11:11.  What I have found is that 11:11 does seem to usher in big shifts.  The idea is of  two paths merging.  Initially I thought this was a sign of two individual paths merging into one or a side by side path.  Like two people coming together- I took it as a romantic meaning initially.  This may be true but I have recently discovered that it also means the merging of an old path with a path that is coming into being.  With one 11 being your current path, the path that you are leaving and the other 11 being the path that is beginning to form- the one you will be lead to take- meaning something is about to change dramatically.  The insight and wisdom I was given about the great truth of this symbol is that between the two paths there is a space.  This is the place where the old has gone and the new is not yet in form.  Spiritual writers call this place between the 11’s ” the abyss”  some people refer to it as a dark night of the soul.  It is a place of void energy, a place of high anxiety because we are no longer able to go back to the old path but there is no new path to walk quite yet.

The 11:11 symbolizes this state.  When you are in it, seeing the 11:11 can feel like the Universe is mocking you.  That is not the point.  If you see the 11:11 know that a shift will happen and it will be one that is ultimately in your highest good- its a shift you will be grateful you went through once its done, with no regrets.  The symbol is not to mock you for the pain of this in between place but a promise that the new path is being formed under your feet, you just can not see it yet.  Its like the Indiana Jones bridge of faith- you need to believe its there and take the step off the ledge and trust the bridge will form under your feet, even though you can not see anything.  The Universe is saying do not get stuck in fear- even though you may not know what is coming next.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other and believe your dreams are coming true- even if you do not see them yet.

In time you will begin to see the next step and when the 111’s begin to show you will begin to see the bridge form under your feet- your new path will begin to take shape.  I have found 111 happens just when you feel like nothing will work out.  You have been in the abyss for what seems like ever- it seems as though you are ruined- you can not make rent, your love has left you for good and you feel like no one will ever come along, you can not seem to hold on to  a job or find a place you fit in.  You have reached a place of surrender- mostly because you have no other option- all of your trying has lead to the same result- nothing.  You give up and surrender and suddenly the bridge begin to appear.  A job prospect pops up, a new love enters, you find your love of God and the constant companion within yourself.  In my experiences the 111’s usually signify this kind of turn of events.  The symbol is of two paths merged without the space- its like everything you were and experienced is being lead into the new.  The old and the new are one.  Its the cloud breaking to reveal the sun after a long storm.  I have seen 111 before on its own- (not during a 11:11 period) and generally even when it appears alone its a sign that new things are being added and blended to what already is.  This can be money, people, career opportunities, anything.  In my life I often see 111 and 333 together- like things are being added to my path from the angels or masters- like gifts from heaven.  I usually respond to the 111 with gratitude and thanks because I know I will receive a “gift” in my life.  I am especially glad and say special thanks when I see it appear after a period of 11:11.

There are many people currently experiencing the 11:11 energy.  I seem to be surrounded by people who are leaving one way of being and entering another.  Currently all of us seeing the 11:11 seem to be in that abyss place.  That place of uneasiness and questioning.  Its not an easy place to be.  I am experiencing it in the career part of my life.  I was reminded this weekend about the presence of God and about not being alone in this place of waiting for the new.  I was feeling particularly uneasy and was in a place of feeling sorry for myself.  I got angry and impatient and began demanding that the universe bring the new into form NOW!  I want the job offer so that I can leave the job I have outgrown in a nice easy orderly fashion.  Sometimes we do not get to leave that way.  I remember I felt the same in going through my divorce.  I had left what was not in tune with who I was and wanted to the new to form.  It is so much easier to leave the old if the new is there waiting for us right?  That is seldom how it happens.  Usually in the transition phase is where we can heal, learn and shed pieces of us that we need to heal, learn from or shed.  Sometimes the transition is smooth but this is not the general rule.  I was reminded this weekend that although that abyss place is scary and not fun, that God is there in that place as well.  The more time we spend trying to force our will, trying to avoid that time of emptiness- that time of learning and growing and healing, the longer we will be in that place.

So if you are in between 11’s right now in any area of life know that God is there with you.  You are not alone and you do not have to be afraid of the emptiness.  Do not try to force the new, do not try to outrun the emptiness.  Be still and take this time to be with God, be still and embrace this time before the new forms- this is the place where you will find the gem if you are open to receive it.  These words are  meant for me every bit as much as they are for those of you they have touch.  Take the time to slow down, cry if you need to.  Take the time to feel God with you as your partner, your co creator.  It is in this place that you will see the new beginning to form- not in running around or trying to make things happen- but in stillness and receptiveness with what God intends for you.  You do not need all the answers because there is a force grater than us all, who already knows and is at work in our lives if we let that force do its work.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other and know the bridge is there- trust.

With love and light


Energy Guide 08/20/13

August 20th, 2013

Topic: the divine within

I will admittedly say that many of you will already be familiar with today’s topic, so upfront I apologize if your reaction is ” well yeah..duh”.  I had heard the words so many times and understood that there is a Divine spark inside me however, when this message came it’s like my insight into that Divine spark deepened.  My relationship with God became that much more personal and close.  So I am hoping I can convey this message in a way that does the same for all of you.  I have a feeling that I will write this post in a personal way as to try to not confuse  the message – so let me begin by saying that in this post when I refer to I and me I am talking about my personal experience and my view point- but it also applies to each and every one of you- it applies to your personal relationship with the Divine equally as it does to me.  It is just going to be easier to write it without trying to change things to include everyone- because the message is about internal personal connection so it is best conveyed from that point of view.

How many times have you heard about the Divine within?  What does it make you think about?  I always pictured this little spark of light sitting in my belly.  It felt warm and wise.  But if I think back it also felt like a foreign body- it was this thing that was in me but not a part of me.  It was not integrated into the systems of my body.  It was like a light that was wonderful to have- to consult with but it was not truly me.  It did not flow with the rhythms of my body and there was always some kind of distance between me and this light- even though it was in me.  It was like a very close friend- someone I could confide in and consult for advice.  I treasured this light but did not necessarily feel one with it- if I am being totally honest.

A series of event occurred this past week that made me look at my relationship with God and frankly with myself.  Previous to this I could say all the things that I had learn like facts but lacked a true deep understanding of them- “God and I as co creators of my Universe.  I am in a partnership with God.  God is everywhere, even within me.”  I thought I understood these things as much as I could.  I thought I was as close to God as one could be.  I mean I have found myself turning control over to this Power more and more.  I am beginning to remember in the middle of my struggling that God is there to help me and I have been stopping from all my doing and saying ” ok God I know you are here for me, please help lead me in the right direction and walk with me in this time of struggle, i trust you and know you will take care of me”.  I do this visualization where I see the image of whatever is troubling me and I see myself hand it over to this light- released of the burden and knowing that I am being taken care of in the most loving way.  The insights of this past week have taken my relationship with the Divine past that point even.

This is the part where there may be a portion of you that say ‘ well yeah …duh”  bare with me because for me this was huge and from what I can tell for many people it may be huge.  During this round of being given the message that God is within me I had a flash of insight.  Even though I knew this and heard it before for some reason my thoughts drifted to the way in which I pray or speak to God.  I, as a general rule, look up to the right- I have a conversation with this unseen entity somewhere out there.  Sometimes, many times it’s just to express gratitude over all the gifts in my life.  Sometimes it’s to hand over the struggles as I stated above, and sometimes it’s to ask for things for myself or others, material things or health or abundance or joy.  One thing is always true I am asking that disconnected entity out there.  As great of a friend as that entity may be- I in truth still communicate with it like its removed from myself.

The insight was that this is not the truth or at least not the whole truth of what and where God is- its not the place where I am most connected to God.  By placing God, the Divine out there and communicating  like this omnipresence is out somewhere beyond my body I have created a distance between myself and the Divine.  The truth is the Divine dwells in me-if I want to communicate with the Divine I need to turn in and talk to the “within” of myself.  Its a minor and maybe somewhat symantical change in habit.  I mean shifting focus to the internal as I speak to God instead of the external seems like a small shift but, its huge in terms of the mental shift in how I see my role in my own world and life, my relationship to God.  This minor shift places the source of infinite power, love and life as a part of me- integrated in every cell and system of my body.  I may be a huge geek for this but this idea blows my mind!  It’s funny how something said a million times can be missed.  How I could see God within me as a ball of light- but not as me- as an integrated- living, part of me.

For me this idea was enormous.  It means that I am in the flow of God, moving, shifting, evolving with the Divine.  If God is an integrated part of me than it is always, always true that I can never be a part from God.  It would be like saying that my brain and I were separate.  Or my blood or muscles and I were separate.

So the practice to go with this message is to begin to notice where you are praying.  Are you talking to God looking at the sky, looking at the ground with your head bowed? Looking out away from yourself or are you acknowledging  that God is you- a part of you by praying to that Divinity within you that is a part of you?  It is true that the Divine is everywhere- so when you look up God is there, when you look down God is there too, God is in every thing you can see.  But I think most importantly God is in and is an integral part of the make up of each and everyone of you.  If you want to know your oneness with the Divine, it begins by being mindful and practicing acknowledging that in how you communicate with the Divine.   Begin noticing and acknowledging that deep intimate connection in yourself, truly knowing that God is you- a force integrated in every cell of you and then slowly expand out to see that The Divine is an integral part of every being on the planet ( even the ones that may rub you the wrong way).  When you take the time to truly know that every cell in your body is God and to develop that close relationship with the Divine something tells me it will become easier to see that Divine expression in all the people, places, things and events around you as well.

Wishing each and every one of us a wonderful journey as we discover the Divine that IS each one of us.

With Love and Light


Gratitude 6/12/13

June 12th, 2013

So the idea of gratitude and how important it is in manifesting has been brought to my attention lately.  To the point that I feel its worth sharing.  I know most of us grew up being told to say thank you and to be gracious.  It almost gets ingrained in us and before we know it it becomes like saying the Lord’s Prayer in a Catholic church, just rote and done without even realizing what is being said, lacking the emotion and intention.  Sorry to Catholics out there- I happen to have been raised Catholic and have a pet peeve when I go back to church and see people reciting the Lord’s Prayer in a monotone way without an cognition of what they are actually saying.  I feel that we all can relate to this condition especially when it come to gratitude.  ” Thanks”… probably said so many times throughout my day without even a true connection to the actual gratitude or emotion that should accompany those words.

Well I received a wake up call regarding this and I am hoping to pass it along.  I was reading a book recently that addressed this very issue.  I have read many things that say how important it is to thank God/ The Universe for all the blessings in our lives.  It sounds great and I truly mean to do it, but then I am tired, or running late, or just plain old not in a very thankful mood and it does not happen regularly.  Not only in regards to thanking God or the Universe but to the people in my life who do so much for me.  I mean we think they know we appreciate them but how often do we actually tell them?  I also have notice that I spend way more time thinking about and talking about all the things I do not have, or that are not going well- I seem to make plenty of time for that.

So the wake up call was that fact I was being given new motivation to make gratitude a priority in my life again.  To put it above the time I spend in wanting and identifying places of lack.   In this reading i was doing,  there was an idea related to manifesting.  The idea was that if we focus on the lack, on only asking for what we do not have that is the energy we connect to.  Its similar to how harmonics in music work.   In music harmonics is the unique creation that happens when two separate vibrations ( sounds) are attracted together through entrainment or seeking to find  similarities and then combine to create a third new vibration (sound).  So being that we too operate on vibration- each putting out our own unique vibrations through our thoughts, actions and words as well as just our being, it follows that  thoughts and words spoken to each other  about “I wish I had this or that and then I could be happy”  attach to the vibration of lack and together create a third vibration of endless needing and seeking.  On the other hand the vibration of gratitude attaches to the energy of receiving and creates on going abundance and fulfillment.   This concept blew my mind in a very deep way.  I know from observing the way things work in the Universe that there are these patterns of how things work.  The fact of how vibration functions and can be proven and seen in the material world through music applies to the vibrations of creation that we can not see or hear as well.  ( also please  forgive me for my simplistic version of how this all work- I am by no means a music theorist and only have the most basic understanding of the process).  The idea of harmonics is a real phenomenon in our world- it is how vibration interacts.  We also know through science that we are vibration.  So this pattern can be applied to us and our interactions with our world and with each other.

So what does all this talk about vibration and harmonics mean for me?  It means that if you want to begin to attract and take quantum leaps with the support of the Universe towards the things you want to manifest in your life- use the principles and supports given to us by the Universe.  Use harmonics to help amplify your manifestations.  The way to do this is simple- so long as you are willing to make it a priority in your life, to change old habits which can take effort.  It is done through aligning with the energies that create abundance and fulfillment.  The way we do this is through gratitude.  Every time we think about all the things that have been provided for us, all the things that we are grateful for in our lives and do so in a meaningful and deep way, we are sending out a message – a vibration that says ” I align with the energy of receiving”.  When we are aligned with that energy, the vibration of new creations or manifestations is allowed to flourish and grow in our lives.  Its like saying “look at everything I have in my life, of course anything is possible”.  It is a freeing energy that says we believe we deserve the happiness we seek and already have in so many ways.  When we focus on lack we are saying ” I am not so sure I deserve that- I mean look at all I am lacking”.

So the practice to bring into our lives from this message  is to truly practice gratitude- daily…multiple times a day.  Not those empty thank you’s, but with feeling and full conscious awareness.  Not just to the Universe but to all the people who you are thankful to have in your life.  Its ok to think briefly about ” hmm it would be nice to have a large sum of money, or to be able to travel,  or to have that job I have wanted, or that super cute guy as my boyfriend”  but do not dwell in the energy of wanting.  Think the thought and then follow it with gratitude for something  you do have.  Know that all things for your highest good are vibrating there way to you as you think about them- of course they are,  you are a positive being drawing positive things to you. You do not have to put energy into them or try to go seek them, or force them to come your way.  Putting that kind of energy into seeking identifies with lack- knowing you are drawing things to you in a positive way with gratitude speeds them your way.

One final word.  Its lovely to think thoughts of gratitude, but there is also a law to how energy works in regards to its power and strength.  When we think things they have definite power, however when they are spoken the power is multiplied and when we write or create with our hands it is even more powerful.  So if you truly want your gratitude vibration to ring out, think about speaking it out loud, writing or doing something in the spirit of gratitude- it will have an even more powerful effect than your thoughts.

Happy manifesting…  with the energy gratitude aligned with your thoughts and amplifying your ability to draw abundance your way.

With love


Energy Guide 4/20/13

April 20th, 2013

Topic: …pause

The energy that exists right now is like a continuation of the energy that has been around for the past few years- only a little more intense.  Many of us have had this feeling like we are waiting for something to happen.  People thought 12/2012 was going to be like walking through a door and this long awaited shift would suddenly be noticeable.  That day came and went and although many of us can see that indeed things are different- life as we knew it is not the same, truths are surfacing, broken patterns can not continue like they used to in the past.  In general it was not quite what we all anticipated.  It still feels to me like my new life is unfolding and has yet to fully take form.  I see it- I can see a hazy version of it- much clearer than the mass of confusion the last few years felt like.  However,  its not quite here yet.

The energy of this month seems to be a little bit of frustration that it’s not here.  I thought as I usually do that this was just me.  It was just me being impatient with what was taking form.  However, in talking with friends, in over hearing conversations and in talking with my inner voice- I know this is a universal feeling- at least for those of us sensitive to the changes that are happening.  It is true, all that we feel coming to us is coming.  It is also true that it is not quite here- and that feels frustrating.  Especially after the very long hard road many of us have traveled to get here.  I mean isn’t it time for the reward yet?  Seriously!  The Universe is clear…no- not quite yet.

The message this month is from the Universe.  I get it- I feel the same way you do but please listen to the wisdom of the Universe with me.  I would like to take control and make it all happen now too- I have waited long enough.  But that is not how it works.  We only delay ourselves when we push the Universe aside and do things our way.  The message is “please be patient- God is not finished working out the details yet”.  I smile when I write that because it reminds me of a plaque I bought for my dad on Fathers day when I was about 8 years old.   It read ” please be patient God is not finished with me yet”.  The Universe is saying that in terms of our new lives.  Hold on and let the forces of the Universe finish what they need to do.  If we push forward now we will  be accepting something incomplete for ourselves.  Our new lives will be a piece of what they were meant to be- they will be incomplete.

I received two messages loud and clear that I would like to share.  One was a ruin stone that I drew.  I was looking for an answer, looking  for guidance on when it all takes shape.  I see the pieces floating out there in space- I know its all happening the way I manifested it- yet things are not solid yet.  So I was asking for guidance on when it will happen- I am growing weary of the process.  The stone I drew was Eihwaz..defense.  The message of this ruin is that sometimes we are presented with blocks on our path and instead of looking at the block as a problem perhaps they are being placed there for a reason- a reason that in the end benefits us- only we can not see it from our current vantage point.  This is frustrating but once the block is removed or overcame in its proper time we can look back with gratitude and know things had to be delayed- that it all would not have worked out as wonderfully without the delay.  Eihwaz is about patience.   Its about recongnizing when it is not the proper time to assert our influence.  We can not act in hasty, hectic ways,  lusting after outcomes- we need to take a deep breathe  get comfortable with what is- appreciating the process and be in the moment.  There is something to be gained in this moment or we would not be here in this particular place.  There is one line that sticks out for me in this ruin’s guidance.  It says ” and yet even more than we are doers we are deciders”.  To me this says manifest what you would like- decide what you want to draw into your life and let the Universe handle the details…provide the opportunities.  This leads into the second message I received to help me through April’s energy.

The second message came from a book.  A book I picked up on a whim at a large book sale for a dollar.  Its called Notes From the Universe.  It contains these quirky little sayings meant to be from the Universe to anyone who is lead to that book.  I keep it in my desk drawer at work and when I feel drained or disconnected from God and the Universe I read it.  There was one message that stood out to me as an answer or help to this feeling of frustration I had about things not happening as quickly as I wanted them to.  The message was ” are you wondering why all that you have manifested is not coming to you?  Well its because you keep focusing on the how.  Stop doing that!  You focus on the goal, on what you would like, and let me figure out the details…okay? – The Universe.  Its paraphrased but that was the general idea.  It made me smile and was what I needed.  After reading that, as I talked to people I began noticing that all of us who were frustrated were saying the same thing…” I want_____ ,  but how? I mean it seems so unlikely and Ijust do not know how it will happen”.  And as long as we hold that thought…we will be holding ourselves back.  Ours thoughts create our reality.  If we keep asking how  and having doubt than doubt is what we bring into our reality.  Let go of the how and hold the belief that it will come to be.  Think of all the miraculous things that have happened in your life.  Did you plan every detail and have a step by step time line that happened perfectly as you planned?  Or did it just come out of no where and fall into place like magic?  For me the most magical things in my life have always…ALWAYS happened the second way.  I knew it was coming- I wanted it and it seemed unlikely and improbable and then like a lightening strike it all fell into place in front of my eyes.  If we are focused on the how we will miss the magical, miraculous opportunities that come.   If we will only accept our dreams in the way we imagine them coming true, with our details, we will miss the opportunities the Universe gives us to have them come true.

This is the true reason to try to be ok with the moment.  Keep your eye on what you know is coming to you- what you are manifesting in your life- know that it is coming- because you are creating it.  But let go of the details and be open to the present.  It is in the present  that the opportunities will be presented to get us to that place we are dreaming of.  April has that anticipation energy.  Our job is to take a deep breathe and wait patiently for our opportunities- they are coming soon.  If we force things we only miss the boat.  Keep your eye on the prize and let God…let the Universe handle the details.

With Love


Year at a glance 2013

December 31st, 2012

Even though I have not been writing as often as usual, I do enjoy tuning into the energy that is going on around all of us and creating these posts.  Feeling the energy of the months of the year to come is one of my favorite things.  When I tune into the energy I feel like I know when certain things I want to see happen are best able to happen.  I hope that this post helps you to do the same.  We always have free will and can choose to do things in our way and our time, it’s just things seem to flow more smoothly and turn out better if we wait for the little waves of divine timing.

2012 was an interesting year for many people.   There was an feeling of uneasiness.  This could have been due to the Mayan calendar thing  alone but I think it was due to something more.  I get this sense that 2012 served the purpose of leading us to begin to develop a sense of what is not “right” in our lives.  The uneasiness seems to be a symptom of seeing the things that do not fit who we are anymore.  There was little action taken in 2012 to remedy this.  It was like the whole year just shined spotlights on various areas of our lives and we could see all the clutter and garbage.  We may have even felt overwhelmed at times like ” what am I supposed to do with all this garbage- I don’t want it anymore but where do I put it all?”  That is the first step and that is what 2012 was about.  Before one decides to clean the house there has to be an awareness that its time to do the cleaning.  You look around and say ” how did this get so cluttered?”  You take it all in and decide that something needs to be done.  This is an important step in making change.  I often tell clients of mine that have patterns of behavior that are not serving them well to just notice when they do the behavior, don’t try to change it just notice it for a while to gain an understanding.  Then once they are aware of when and why they display the behavior then they can gently begin to redirect the behavior ( a slow process of continually redirecting yourself over and over until you unlearn the behavior pattern).   I am telling you this because this is the relationship between 2012 and 2013.  We have been watching the patterns, observing them, understanding them through 2012.  This has led us to feel uneasy in some areas because we did not like some of what we were seeing.  Now begins the process of changing and shifting those patterns.  This is not an overnight process and it requires diligence and effort.  The energy of 2013 will support us in changing the things that no longer serve us.


So on a micro scale when we have a pattern we are looking to break we first must decide what we would like to see instead.  If I want to get a new job – after observing and knowing the reasons why I no longer want my present job, the next step is to begin to imagine what I would like instead.  This is the energy of January.  We begin the process of change that will last the whole year by taking time to imagine what we would like to see in our lives.   Maybe this is a modern replacement of the New Years resolution.  Instead of focusing on loss and quitting something ( since that has been the focus of most of the last year) we instead focus on manifesting for the New Year.  Not what I want to stop but instead what I want to begin.  Set aside time this month to imagine the things you would like to see happen in this year.  Then further send the Universe the message that you are serious by beginning to take small actions towards those things you want to see.  This does not mean to go rushing towards a goal by say quitting a job and starting a business without a thought or a solid plan- it means begin making your plan on how you can start that business per se, while you are still working (if that is your thing).  It means make that plan and then begin to take steps towards improving your health, getting that relationship you wanted, what ever it is you are wanting in any area of your life.  The energy of January is about creating a strong foundation for the things you are calling into you life in 2013.  A foundation needs to be built solidly and can not be rushed or thrown together.  Its a slow process and worth the effort and the care to make sure it will hold the dreams you are creating for 2013.


This month seem very cold to me.  When I tune into it there is that cold wind blowing through, making that howling sound that sends a chill through your body even just hearing it.  The energy of this month is about cocooning .  Turning inside and taking time to nurture ourselves.  To think out the steps to reach your dreams.  January was full of creative power and now February is about taking a break to rest and reflect.  These breaks are needed throughout the year.  Its like the Universe gives us a little coffee break in the middle of our work day (the work day being a year’s span in this case).  Use this time wisely.  Maybe wrap up some of the things you began in January- make sure everything is in order before taking on more change and growth.  Think about way to move towards the goals and dreams you set in January, without doing them just yet.  Take time to rest and just be- life is not always about doing.  Usually these periods of rest are given to us just before a tough time of change will begin.


I have never had this image associated with a month before.  When I tune into March I get an image of a large hammer being smacked down on steel- like a metal smith, or Thor’s hammer.  Its not a warm fuzzy image and the feeling that accompanies it is not warm and fuzzy either.  We are always given a choice to begin to make changes in a gentle way first.  However, when we refuse to change and grow sometimes the Universe will step in and force the change in a less than gentle way.  Those of us who have experienced this know the difference between making difficult changes of our own accord with the support of the Universe, as opposed to having those changes thrust upon us.  Go through the second one enough times and you quickly learn to just make the changes no matter how difficult they may be on your own, its not a fun experience when the Universe pushes the changes usually.  In the end we can always say it was for the best and the change needed to happen but at the time it feels like the rug is getting ripped out from under out feet.  March is one of these periods of forced change.  If you have not listened to the messages of the last two months you will hear it loud and clear this month.  If you are refusing to change on your own out of fear or clinging to the past, the energy of March will rectify that, like it or not.  My advice is to try to honestly make the changes that need to be made ahead of time.  If you don’t have no fear- the Universe has your best interest at heart- even though the events of March that force change may cause some pain you will get through it and end up in a better place because of it.  So if you find yourself reading this in March after the event has happened to shake you up- please know that it will pass and things will improve and be better than they were before.


In true form when we are shaken by the Universe soon after we are rewarded for the changes we make.  This month’s image is of the sun beginning to pierce through the  thick dark storm clouds.  You can almost faintly hear the Hallelujah  chorus in the background.  This month you will see what the commotion of March was about, understand why it happened and that you are indeed in a better place because of it.  If you were among those who chose to change what needed to change of your own accord you will finally see the benefits of your work.  Things that seemed impossible when you imagined them in January will now begin to seem possible.  If you were among those whom March forced to change, you will now begin to heal and see why things happened the way they did.  You will see that what seemed like something bad was actually good and you will have appreciation for being forced to make the changes you did.  You will not see the full effect and impact this month but you will begin to get an understanding.  There are good things that lay ahead.

May, June , July

This is the first time this has been given to me in this manner.  It feels like a cop out but its what I am being shown.  Sometimes less words are better I guess.  I am being told to lump these months together.  They carry the same wonderful energy.  What we began to see in April we will now experience fully in these three months.  It feels like a windfall of gifts are given to us.  Like everything you imagine you want comes to you in an instant.  These months are wonderful and I have never felt anything like this before.  I keep seeing an image of the Price in Right – seeing that rare event when the person  (I saw this happen once to a woman named Myrtle) spins the dollar and then the dollar again on the free spin to win $10,000, and then they take both show cases as well.  Abundance in every sense of the word.  I want to fast forward to this time period right now (:   That is not how it works though- we need to do the work of the previous months in order to fully benefit from these wonderful months.  If you do not know what you want or have not cleared the space you will not get the benefits of these months.  Things will come to you but they may not be what you wanted exactly if you have not gotten clear or made space.  These three months are so wonderful they will also fly by quickly, another reason they are lumped together I guess.  They go by so quickly they feel like one month’s time.  Know that the effects of these months will be felt for years to come.  You will look back with a smile at these months and the gifts that were given to you.


Back to life, back to reality…who sang that song?  I hear it playing in my head when I think of August.  If you don’t know the song google it :-)  The energy of this month is about getting back into the reality of life.  Those golden times have past but you still are in the afterglow and will be for some time.  August reminds us that the process of change and growth is eternal.  No need to get depressed about it- its a wonderful thing.  We get to continually grow and expand and that in itself is a gift.  Work need not be hard, it can be enjoyable.  The day to day tasks of living can become something wonderful if you view them that way.  Sing a song while you are doing what needs to be done.  Enjoy life, even cleaning the kitty litter can be enjoyable if you put the love of your animals behind what you are doing.  Do whatever you do with love and you will find that your chores and tasks can actually continue to bring you joy.  Carry that afterglow into the ordinary and make your life and what you do extraordinary.  That is the feeling of August.  Its easy to feel joyful when on vacation but true joy of an even deeper level can be achieved when you find it in your day to day life.  Strive to make the day to day wonderful and fulfilling.  Find that spark, that inspiration so that you can do what you do with love in your heart and you will find that joy.


This month has a strange feeling to it.  Its not quite low but it does not have that spark to it like the last months.  Its like that sobering realization.  You could get down about what you see or you could sit in quiet contemplation and realize that everything is good.  Its like we all have our own choice this month.  The experience is the same but how we feel depends on us and how we choose to view the experience.   This is one of those pauses we are given.  On the heals of so much wonderful energy it feels slightly depressing though.  But it need not be.  This month we will look back over everything.  The things we have lost the whirlwind of the three months of late spring and summer and we will reflect.  Again it is how we choose to experience this reflection that will influence how we feel overall this month.  The feeling reminds me of how one may feel when remembering a loved one that has passed.  You can choose to experience the pain and sadness, the emptiness of what was lost or you can remember all the wonderful things that person (or animal) brought to your life.  Realizing that you get the joy of carrying that piece of them with you forever- no one and nothing can take it from you.  There is deep lasting peace in that.  So as you reflect this month keep that in mind.  Will you focus on the loss or will you focus on the gifts that are yours to keep in your heart forever?


This month is about reawakening.  Its not like we will spring back to life but more like a gradual appreciation of what is.  There is contentment to this month.  It seems like as the month goes on the joy and happiness increased.  I see a person looking serious and thoughtful with a straight face and a distant look  in their eyes and suddenly there is a little spark that begin to shine in their eyes.  That spark slowly spreads down their face.  Their cheeks begin to glow, they begin to light up and then at the end of the month a smile sweeps across their face.  Like that process takes the whole month.  The happiness felt is not like the excitement, new love kind of happiness.  Its a deep inner happiness the kind that is not fleeting but lasts and can not be taken from you.


This month continues with that deep inner happiness.  Its like a feeling that everything is good.  All the changes, the ups and downs of the year have indeed been for the best and now we know it deep inside us.  There is a gratefulness, a sense of gratitude.  I sometimes am overwhelmed with this deep feeling that I am thankful for the chance to get to live a life- like its such a wonderful gift and its special beyond words.  That is the sense of November- gratitude for life in general.  If you are not feeling this, its not to late.  Take time to imagine what you want your life to be this month.  There is still time to use the manifesting energy of 2013.  Begin to take those steps towards your dreams- you will be amazed at how much can happen in these last two months of the year.


I get a sense of awe.  Like I could never imagine, even feeling the energy of this year, all the things that will happen.  All the gifts, the changes, all the dreams that came true.  I feel like we will look back and just be amazed at what can happen in one year, and how quickly that year goes by.  Even if you can sense how wonderful 2013 will be I feel like by next December we will all be saying I had no idea how wonderful it was going to be, how much things could change, how dramatically and quickly- and best of all positively.  I am in awe feeling this energy and can not put words to it- its a good thing, a very good thing.

I feel like I want to cry tears of joy about the energy of this year.  I do not even have much to say in summary of it all.  Its going to be one of the best years any of us will imagine.  Even the “bad” things will lead us to greater joy and we will be able to see how they were necessary.  Enjoy this wonderful year and make sure you imagine what you want your life to be- 2013 is waiting to give it all to you.

With Love


Energy Guide 10/08/12

October 8th, 2012

Topic: It is what it is

When I say that phrase I get a smile on my face.  Nothing quite says release like those few words.  I have been hearing that phrase a lot, at work, in my private practice, from friends and relatives, even coming out of my own mouth.  September threw many of us for a loop.  At the end of it all we could say was “it is what it is”.  I can see how this particular phrase could make some people upset.  There is this very action oriented side of me that says- if you don’t like what it is change it! You are not powerless!  And as much as that is true and I still believe that people can sometimes get stuck in making excuses for not moving forward.  As much as I believe that there are times we do not take advantage of all the opportunities that we could.  There is also a truth to accepting the things that are not ours to change or control.  The trick is getting quiet enough to recognize when its time for action and when its time for release or acceptance. That kind of wisdom comes through practice in dealing with situations.  It comes from being able to sometimes hand over the reigns.

When I thought about this phrase I was reminded  of  the serenity prayer:  God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

Truly that sums up today’s message as well as anything else can.  When I have been hearing and using that phrase of ” It is what it is” the past few weeks, I have noticed that it is not about giving up, or about being lazy, or waiting for someone else to do the work.  It has been said with this wisdom behind it.  Said in a way that conveys the idea that whatever situation is being discussed is not among the things that are not within the sphere of control of the person speaking.  It’s said with an exhale like “I need to let that go and not let it eat me up inside”.  It’s said in a way that conveys that the person has been worried about something they have no right or ability to control and they have now realized that there are somethings that need to be accepted for what they are before we can move on.  That stage is key in being able to move forward.

We have all known people that sit and worry, and fret over things that are so far beyond what they can control.  They become almost paralyzed by their obsessing over whatever the issue may be.  It begins to eat away at them mentally, physically, and emotionally.  The people around them try to tell them that they need to just let it go because they are hurting themselves with there obsessive thoughts or anger…but they do not move on.  We are all at risk for this.  We all have those things that we wish could be different.  We all wish someone we love would just listen to us, we know that if they had listened to what we said, they would avoid so much pain and heart ache.  We know that our ideas are right.  We all have these traits within us- these traits that lead to getting stuck, that lead to not being able to move on from a situation through acceptance.  There is a part in each of us that believes that if we accept what we can not change that something bad will happen.  I mean to accept something is to make it true right? It’s like declaring defeat.

In actuality to accept something is to look it in the eye. It is to choose not to even enter into the war and to let fate take its course.   To see a situation  truly and to then know it.  Once we know something it can not longer harm us in the same way.   Once a situation is brought to full light through acceptance we can easily see all of it, and begin to dismantle our fears about it.  The scary monster is really just a pile of dirty clothes on the floor.

That is the message this month.  To embrace the spirit of ” it is what it is”, not in a defeated way but in that wisdom of the serenity prayer.  To begin to look for the difference between what is within your control- look for the things you can do and to recognize the things that are not and acknowledge them and release the need to try to change what is not yours to change.  That way out energy is not wasted on things that we will never change with force and can be used where it is meant to be used.  This month just try to notice the places you are asserting your will, your control where perhaps it should not be.  Also notice the places you are giving up when you truly have work to be done.  Try to feel and see the difference.  As they say see the places where you can work smarter and not harder.  If you find yourself thinking in circles about someone else’s decision for their life, something that truly does not really concern you, notice it and try to realize the situation is what it is and that it is not something you get to control or change.  Notice all the places you try to control and all the places you shift from your responsibility.  Just notice and accept things as they come in the present moment, letting go of what has passed and not worrying about what will happen down the road.  In doing that you will find you free yourself from stress and anxiety and open yourself up the the happiness of the present.

If you would like to go a step further you can also try to forgive the things or people that you can not change.  Forgive yourself for trying to change them.  When we look upon our troubles, those we perceive as enemies, those things we see as blocking us and bring them to light- we then are free to see the good in them.  The ways the situation, or person  annoyed us or angered us may have been exactly what we needed.  We are free to let go of the pain and fear and to truly forgive and see the love in everything around us.  Again this is a next step so if all you are able to do is to notice the things you can change and begin to accept what you can not you are doing great and well on your way towards forgiveness.  That journey is a long and winding road and we all double back on it many times through our journeys.  Two steps forward one step back….it is what it is (:

With Love and Truth

May 27th 2012

May 28th, 2012

Topic: goodness of true human nature

These writings seem to be coming less frequently.  It actually is not because of my busy schedule- although it sometimes seems like there are not enough minutes in a day.  I actually have been checking in since doing the year at a glance and asking if I should write about various topics and patterns that are shown to me.  The answer until today was no.  Ideas would pass quickly and would not solidify into anything that could make up a message.  I at times feel like I should write- however it is clear that the feeling is my will and not from Divine will.  In this area I have worked hard to surrender and follow Divine guidance- I am working to apply that same idea to all areas of my life.

A while back I wrote about my experiences working with children in my day job.  I wrote about the cycle of revenge and how that pattern and its effects impacted our individual and collective happiness.  At that time I was giving the message to the children I worked with.  The message is that both sides always believe they are right and therefore see counter attack as justified.  I was trying to get the kids I work with to try something new- to try just letting go of the need to get even and see how its that need that actually causes and continues their unhappiness and drama.  It was not received well at that time.  There is always resistance to new ideas- perhaps even when I wrote in this blog forum that message was also not received by adult readers- I am thinking that may be the case.

It has now been over a year since I wrote that particular blog about revenge.  Recently I have noticed something regarding that subject, it seems the children that I work with are now receptive to the idea of trying things differently.  I have noticed that now instead of telling me ” I can’t do that” or ” that will not work, the other person will win, or will just keep attacking me”, the kids seems to be willing to say ” ok I will try it, I do not want to feel the way I am feeling anymore- so I will try it”.  They are applying the skills of letting go while still holding on to their own truth and goodness.  They are seeing how standing their ground and claiming their power without giving into the cycle of revenge has a powerful effect.  First they tell me the other person gets enraged and tries hard to get them to attack back.  If they hold their ground, the  other person eventually gets to a point where they can see they have lost their control.  That has always been the point- to hold on to your truth and not let someone else control you and force you into doing things that are not who you truly are.  There is a freedom in the discovery that you are in charge of your reactions and can choose a path of least resistance.

I work with kids in my day job and adults in my counseling practice.  I find that the issues seem different on the surface between the two groups- but underneath they have the same roots.  I generally introduce concepts to the children first- mainly because they tend to be more receptive and then I bring the same ideas to the adults- who’s years of experiences often keep them from trying things differently.  The experiences of these children will be the experiences of the adults.  Getting back freedom and being able to be true to the authentic self is the reward for letting go of that cycle.  Whether it be in actions or just in thoughts, holding on to revenge ideas keeps us imprisoned.  To free ourselves is to make a different choice.

There has been an interesting second layer to this process that I have observed in the children I work with this year.  As they let go of the cycle of revenge, they are having an interesting secondary reaction.  That is the reason I was led to write today.  They let go of the cycle and feel the freedom of taking their power back- however then they suddenly separate themselves from the person they were in the dispute with.  After feeling the happiness of having their power suddenly they come to me and say things like ” that person is just mean” or “they are just evil”.  And so the second half of this message is delivered here.  The truth is we are not so different from eachother.  Somehow our perceptions get twisted so that we believe we are.  We see things through our lenses and think that what we are doing is right because we understand our reason and can justify our own actions.  However we look upon others and pass judgments that they are wrong or bad because we do not seek to understand their motives.  Its easier to just say they are “bad” or “evil”.

The call is to see the real truth.  To see what is below the surface of what we perceive as reality.  It does not excuse behaviors that hurt others- but it seeks to call forth the truth of humanity.  Some people believe that human nature is flawed- that we are mean, greedy, selfish, power hungry by nature.  These indeed can be human tendencies- and we can perceive the evidence of them all around us if that is what we choose to believe.  Or we can see beyond all of it to the truth.  We are all, at our foundation, part of the same consciousness.  I am very certain of my own goodness.  I know I do not mean to hurt people. I know that I want to help people and to create happiness in the world.  Yet there are people that would perceive me as the opposite of all that I know I am.  This is not unique to me, we are doing this same thing to each other every day in our interactions.  We at times see a glimpse of this same goodness that is innate in all of humanity- but we choose to believe that people intend to harm us.  By doing this we choose to deny the real truth and seek the evidence to prove that we are right instead of seeking the truth.  Whatever it is you seek you will tend to find evidence for all around you.

This message is about the next phase in ending that cycle of revenge.  To see ourselves and the people around us in the real light of truth.  To seek and to believe in that goodness.  The practice is to state the belief in goodness whenever you are confronted with what seems like an attack.  This sounds easy, but its much harder than you think.  It is easy to get sucked back into believing a person is        ” bad” or “evil”- mainly because our emotions get stirred up when we feel someone wrongs us.  We have trained ourselves to react by separating – divide and conquer.  What I am being shown is that to end the cycle we have to remember we are truly united and are the same deep within our souls.  To believe in that means that suddenly you will begin to see evidence of that where ever you look.  When we feel like someone is trying to hurt us  take a step back, take a deep breathe and to say ” I believe in the goodness with in everyone”.  It may take several times get past that emotional reaction to attack back but it will fade.  When it fades we can then more clearly see why the other person may be acting in a hurtful way.  We can see their own hurt and ours is being played out in their actions- or ours.

An attack is a call for love and understanding.  Maybe we are able to show that love once we see the need for it in another through physical or verbal means- such as calling out the other persons fears and letting them know we are there, or just simply giving a hug.  Maybe its just a silent inner acknowledgement that we want God/ the Universe to let that other person feel loved, just sending them love in our thoughts as we back away and give them space to receive it.  The point is that we need to intend, to will to see the truth.  All action that is away from love is a cry for love.

It is important not to take this message like you should allow others to take advantage of you or others,  to allow people to act in a way that is away from their truth.  It means that we are being called to confront each other with the truth that is the same in all of us.  If someone is attacking to say ” I know you are hurting but I will not let you treat me like this”.  The next phase in working with the kids I work with has been to let them know that we are all helping each other grow and learn.  I ask them to help the kids in their classes to understand their behavior and to lead them to behaviors that will lead to happiness.  They do this by letting the kids who are displaying attacking behaviors know that they do not like the behavior.  I then ask them to say ” I do not like it when you (name the behavior) and I do not what to be around you when you are acting like that”.  They are then instructed to move themselves away- or to focus on other kids that are acting in a positive manner.  That is it- no talking about the person acting  in a negative manner, no drawn out need to try to get that person to change- just remove your energy from them.  (actually in a perfect application of this concept it would be to remove negative energy and send positive loving thoughts to the person).  This action of moving away after stating what is hurtful  states a fact and points out how the person is not acting in their truth.  It immediately points out what the result of that is- you will find yourself alone.  It is not done with negative thought but out of love and care.  We want everyone to be their true selves, we want everyone working together.  This action affirms that concept with love.  The last step in the teaching is that we do not isolate each other indefinately.  I sometimes will tell the children to add the following statement before they walk away-       ” when you are ready to stop ( name the hurtful behavior) I would like it if you would join us again”.  Sometimes I tell them to invite the person to play with them later on,  to somehow reach out.

We are all in training together, we are all helping each other.  What we see in our brother is also true within ourselves.  As we lead each other back to truth we are leading ourselves.  This message is not about separation it is about seeing that all the good within us is within everyone we meet.  All the things we perceive as wrong are also a part of ourselves as well or at least can be percieved as part of us through others.  If we help each other choose truth and align with our goodness- we will see our similarities and we will see our truth which is only love and unity.

With Love


year at a glance 2012

January 4th, 2012

Ok I am dragging my feet on this one because for me this is a daunting year to write about, while still being sure that I am not being influenced by all the 2012 hype out there.  But I will do my best.

This year begins with different energy than is usually felt right from the start for me.  The year typically has a bit of an energetic pattern with ups and downs that flow with certain months.  For example January tends to be a more solitary time, February more about reconnections, August and December have been big manifesting months.  These are constants that I have noted that seem to have held true for years.  Well prepare for the unexpected I guess.  To start with when I tune into January I expected to feel that solitary energy.  Its usually a message like ” hunker down, spend time recharging, focus on doing nothing” however this year the energy feels the opposite.  The messages seems to be of continued activity.  Like this month is about continuing to connect with people or reconnecting with those you may have lost touch with.  Its a fast paced energy that is not typical for January but it feels good.  It feels like the kind of month where you will find yourself balancing all of your social, personal and work demands and enjoying the activity.  What a nice welcome change for January.  So I am being urged to convey that we should not to shy away from the call of duty or the call to socialize but to embrace it and know that we will have the support of the Universe to give us the energy to accomplish and have fun this month.


Ok so after all that reconnecting and socializing it seems that this year February will be that reflection time.  I feel things slowing way down.   I definitely feel the cold settle in during this month.  Somehow Mother Nature is going to have a strong influence in encouraging us to take the time to stay in for a bit this month.  This is the time we need to begin conserving our personal energy in preparation for the blooming of spring.  It seems really important to take the time during February to reflect on where we have been personally and as a society as a whole and then think about what it is we want to see happen in 2012.  I know, shouldn’t we be doing this around New Years.  Something tells me people just didn’t feel like doing it then or they were way too busy.  The Universe is supporting that kind of inner reflection and personal goal setting in February.  When the opportunities come for this kind of soul searching it is important to take them.  If we chose not to then we indeed leave our fate to the wind.  I myself would rather be a co-creator and at least have some outline of the direction I would like the areas of my life to head.  Not that you want to sit down and have a detailed description of every aspect of your life and exactly everything that you want to happen in 2012, but to just think about things you want to enhance, things you want to change and perhaps rough ideas of how you would like those things to change, and also to think about the things you may have outgrown and spend time energetically releasing those things so that the intention is out there for events to happen to help you move on from them.


When I tune into March it feels sluggish.  I see that sloppy snow, grey with large puddles.  I feel like the air is cold and I actually feel that feeling of a spring time cold- feeling run down and stuffy with a headache. Something tells me this will not be an easy month.  Its like the little things of daily life will just seem to wear on us this month.  You know those times when you feel like you just want to run away to a tropical destination, alone where nobody knows you or wants anything from you, somewhere that you can just sit under a palm tree sipping a pina colada from a coconut shell with a little umbrella in it.  That is the feeling of March- Calgon take me away!  Its not like your world is going to fall apart this month but its just hectic and difficult to get anything productive done, and it just keeps piling up.  This is one of those months where if you can not get away you should just keep repeating the mantra  ”this too shall pass”.  Despite the arduous nature of this month it does seem like it goes by fast.  So if you are not able to escape, then keep your nose to the grindstone and know that it will be over soon.


Well we are still not out of the woods yet.  I tend to see weather when I tune into months and April seem especially rainy.  Very gray and drizzly.  The damp chill in the air.  April is typically rainy in Minnesota but it seems even more gray than usual.  Generally I begin to feel the beginning of a blossoming of spirit, an awakening of people ready to get out and get active after our Minnesotan hybernation however, April is not going to do it this year.  I feel like the traditional activities of spring cleaning, garage sale-ing, even getting a new spring look are best held off on.  This is another one of those gifts in disguise from the Universe- a time to reflect and go inward.  Maybe its time to finish up those few indoor things that you did not quite get to.  Its like things are put on hold so that we can catch up.  Make sure not to push forward with the usual activities before you have finished what needed to be done in the winter.  There will be time for the spring activities, if you rush and do them now you will either be re doing them or they will not work out well.  Its important to work with the energy of the Universe and to not try to overpower it or push past it due to tradition or sheer stubborness.  I have learned you will always regret doing that.


Now things brighten up a bit.  It feels like there are big changes this month.  Everything is brighter weather wise.  There is a lighter energy.  The energy is supporting getting out and getting things ready for summer.  It feels like many people may be going through personal transitions as well…maybe that is why Mother Nature was waiting for her transition from winter to spring, so that she too could support individuals with that tranformational energy.   Although individual change is sometime scary the changes that happen this month are good, even the ones that do not seem like they are good.  The month is like a door being opened and we are encouraged to embrace the changes that come to us, even if they are not what we thought we wanted.  Something tells me this doorway leads to exactly what we are wanting in the big picture, we just might not be able to see that from our current vantage point.  The key message of this month is to trust the Universe and to use the added energy to move forward in the direction we are being led.  To not resist in thinking that we need to control everything, if your intention is out there trust that you are being led to where you wanted to go, even if it means going backwards or sideways.  The Universe also will not do all the work to get you to where you want to be- it merely points you in the direction and opens doors, its up to you to walk forward and to maybe climb a hurdle or two.


I am not sure what to say about June.  I have never really felt this before but when I tune into June its like a blip on a tv screen.  Like a flash of light that flickers on and then quickly off, leaving just emptiness.  The feeling that accompanies this image is like the whole month just goes by in record time.  Its like I can not even see what will happen because truly none of it matters because the month is going to go so fast you would not remember or even notice if I told you some of the events.  Due to this I would caution you to not make a large amount of plans for June.  Something tells me we will be busy enough dealing with the fast pace of this month.  Having things planned will just lead to not enjoying them fully or becoming stressed out due to the plans that we make.


There is an electricity to July this year.  It seem positive.  When I think about July this year I get that sensation of all the hairs on my arms standing up and the tingles up and down my spine.  I am feeling like this is a big month to manifest things.  To have all those thoughts from February and April come into being in the physical reality.  I get this picture of being at this carnival on the forth of July that I used to sometimes go to as a kid.  I have gone back as an adult and it just lost its magic.  But this image I get is of how it was when I was a kid.  There is a magic that is intangible that is in the air.  Nothing amazing has to happen physically because the air just has this magical quality to it…when you feel it you know the memory will stay with you forever of this being one of those happy times in life.  Those times that you just say ” yeah that was great” and when people ask you what was great about it you really can not explain it- “you had to be there”.  Enjoy this time.  Be present and be in the moment.  Try to feel the energy of the things you do this month.  Gatherings with friends or family, outings to special places, time in your yard or house, time alone.  All of it has the potential to be magical this month.  Make sure you are noticing how special this time is and do not let it pass you by as you are distracted by mundane day to day things.  Take the time to smell the flowers and smile at what you have in your life.


August is another reflection time.  We seem to be having more of those this year than usual.  This one feels like a more sober reflection of what you noticed in July.  Instead of the magic and awe of noticing the blessings in your life that July gave us, this month is more about quiet reflection of what is right in our lives.  I see time spent alone on a walk or by a lake or river, maybe sitting by a tree or on a favorite chair.  This is less social and more about reconnecting to the Universe itself.  Taking the time to truly and almost methodically count all the blessings.  Its important to do this from time to time inorder to realize all that we have been given and all that we have achieved.  This is going to be hard for some of those Debbie Downer types but its especially important for them.  After all not taking the time to do this is what made you a Debbie Downer to begin with.  Let’s use the energy of this month to break that cycle and notice what is right so that we can use that silent powerful energy of good to help move us forward on our paths.


September feels very windy.  That wind that blows your hair in circle so that it gets stuck in your eyes.  The feeling that goes along with this is that these are the winds of change and they are a-blowin’ strong.  Don’t bother holding on to your hat because that blew away before you could grab it.  I feel like I am thinking ” so I just spent two months being grateful for everything I have so that now it all changes?”.  Yep.  The good news is that even though change is hard, especially when we are in a place where we kind of liked what we had going, in the end we generally say that the change was the best thing that could have happened.  It’s not that we will see that or feel that this month.  We will more likely be scrambling to clutch onto all the things we do not want blown away.  But when the wind settles and we inventory what we have we will find that perhaps we have gained some wonderful things for all of the things that we lost.  Do not expect to be doing that inventory this month just know that as you release this month, once thing settle down you will in a big picture sense be better off.  Nothing can be taken from you that you were meant to have, if its gone its because it was not yours to keep.  Easier said that felt or experienced.


There is a calm to October.  Again that slow drizzle.  I see the raindrops slide down the window.  That always reminds me of tears on a person’s cheek.  I used to watch the drops slide down the glass and merge together picking up speed and then suddenly stopping again, leaving that long streaked path behind them.  Sometimes I would follow their path with my fingers, with my eyes half focused and hazy.  The feeling when I have this memory is one of deep, deep reflection.  Its like doing that deep inner grief work.  Feeling those deep feelings of loss, of missing, of longing.  This month seems to be a time to redefine what really matter and what is really important to us.  We may have lost some things in September but what was really important?  What do we have left?  What have we gained? (think lessons and wisdomeas well as material things)  It’s at times like this that I often feel I am on the verge of finding a deeper happiness- a contentment.  It’s like things get rocked and jumbled around and then I can quietly realign myself with my own deeper truth.  This month is about doing just that.  Search within ourselves and figure out what matters for us and for humanity in general and decide what our role is in supporting those things that matter.  This is a month to build our resolve and to commit to what we want to see in the world and in our lives.  We commit because the work of obtaining that will not be easy and we know we have to be determined to go after it.  Reflect, gather that inner strength and decide what you stand for and what is important to fight for.


This is when it gets interesting.  I am not going to predict the end of the world, even the end of the world as we know it.  Actually every minute of everyday is the end of the world as we know it.  With each minute we have new experience and that experience shapes our perspective and the perspective of those around us… so the world is never that same as how we just experienced it, it is always completely new in many ways we just are not aware enough to see that.  This is when the 2012 hype really picks up.  Those people who are sensitive will feel this.  There will be an undercurrent of heightened anxiety in an already anxious part of the year.  It feels very uncomfortable.  Here is what I am being asked to covey.  We have the ability to lessen this anxiety in a few ways.  1) by not buying into it all and further magnifying it with all of our worries and talk and action around trying to stop whatever it is we think may happen 2) We can try to hold a space of calm, peace and self assuredness.  I believe the Universal energy supports and sustains me.  Whether I am in my bodily container or have moved on I remain and am a part of that larger consciousness (some call God, some call Spirit, some call Consciousness or the Universe, etc).  Simply put even if everything else goes…what is true and real of us remains and is eternal.  Hold those thoughts in a calm assured way and it will help you to deal with the crazy, panicked energy of those around you.  It will also help create places of calm where those swept up in the current of hype can find refuge.  November is when we really need to be mindful of the energy we are putting out into the collective.  Science has shown that our energy indeed influences people and things around us.  During this time, that awareness and mindful practice of putting out positive energy is very important.  We create our reality- whether your believe that or not does not matter, in the end you have nothing to lose by holding positive space.  Engaging in the hype and worry will most assuredly not lead to greater inner happiness.

December (da-da-dahhhh!- said kiddingly)

So here it is.  Just to put this in perspective.  Throughout history the end of the world has been predicted.  The most notable recent one was 2000- when computers where not programmed to recognize the year and it was going to lead to mass power failure, planes dropping form the sky, the whole inrfastructure of humanity crumbling due to its automization.  Well I remember where I was.  Pregnant with my first born and at a friends gathering.  Midnight hit and not a light flickered…the world continued as it always had.  Even if it had ended back then there was nothing we could have done to stop it.  I for one was where I wanted to be that night doing what I wanted to do…so if it ended I was ok with it.   Maybe as a human race we need that threat of it all ending.  Maybe that helps keep us doing what we want to do in our hearts and souls.  We are told what we should do so often that we begin to believe it.  Then when our lives are threatened, when we think it could all end, we search ourselves and begin to see what we really want to do instead.  Take this year 2012 and see it as an opportunity to do that.  It could all end in a million different scenarios that are being played over and over on every tv station, in every magazine.  If it does will you know that you have lived your dream, done what you have wanted to do in your heart.  That is what we are here for.  To follow the Universe, to ride the waves that push us towards what we were truly meant to do.  We have lost touch, many of us, with what we were meant to do.  Maybe Dec 21st 2012 is a new beginning.  Not one where solar flares take out satelites and bring down energy grids, but one where people faced with their immortality begin to truly live from there hearts.  Think of how truly different our world would be if masses of people suddenly did that.  It truly would be the end of the world as we know it and the dawn of a world the way God intended it to be.

Happy 2012- its sure to be an amazing year of learning and growth for us all.

With Love and Light