January 1st

Topic: Energetic snapshot the upcoming year

The end of December brought about some interesting energy.  Many of us felt like for the first time in a while the fog lifted and we were able to see thing clearly.  Our perspective on situations that we thought we knew, completely change as this truth came into focus.

This was all in preparation for what is coming into form for 2010.  This next month is about introspection.  In November I began feeling a tug, a strong urge to just hide.  I was not able to do that at  but was told that January would be the time to hide and think about myself and what I wanted for 2010.  This message again was not just for me but for others as well.  Take time in January to think about your life, the changes that took place at the end part of this past year, the desires you have for the future, and what you have in the present.  Appreciate what needs appreciation, change what is not working to help you become your best, and manifest that which will help you.  This is a time to reconnect with the divine.  Take that time and hold it sacred. There will be plenty of time for connecting with others and putting thought into action in February and March.  January is about getting grounded in ourselves and our own truths before pushing forward into what is to come.

February is about connections and relationships.  With our intentions set we begin to make connections of all kinds.  There is a fun busy feel to this month.  The connections could be romantic in nature but do not have to necessarily be.  They can be fun friendships- new or old, business connections, chance encounters that lead you to what we are looking for.  Its all about community and helping eachother.  Relying on others for support and help in manifesting what we discovered in January.

March feels a little turbulent.  Is almost like we planned what we wanted in January, had fun connection and synchronicities in February that helped us get started and then March comes along to challenge us about being sure we really want what we think we want.  Its like all the things we must give up to move forward will be shown to us this month.  It feels scary, but necessary.  Its important to see all sides of growth both the positive outcomes and what needs to be shed.  Everything has both light and shadow to it and this month is about showing us both parts.   Its a temporary state, meant to make sure we see the whole truth of what we are calling into our lives.  So if you find things difficult take heart because the difficulties are only temporary.  The clouds will clear and the sun will shine brightly again.

April is about action.  February brought connections and opportunities, March allowed us to see the full truth and now we are ready to act.  This month feels like a lot of tangible things will take place in the material world.  Some people will make those moves they were trying to make, some will finally start on a new project or venture, some will delve into  new relationships.  Its all about action and movement.  This energy continues into May as well.  There is this feeling of almost boundless energy.  Like we will be given the push we need to accomplish all of the things that we did not have the motivation or energy to accomplish before this point.  We will look at everything we are doing and be amazed at how much we are able to get done.  We will wonder where we are getting this energy from.  Ride this wave, accomplish all you can before its time to rest and allow our new creations to settle and integrate.

June feels like its a time to reconnect.  After all the time we were spending the previous months getting things done, it is time to reconnect with family and friends.  It feels like a light and playful month, but one that will fly by in the blink of an eye.  So the theme is fun, fun , fun.  We need to allow ourselves a much needed break during this month to travel, to go to gatherings, to just go and play with people we like to be around.  Allowing ourselves the time to have fun will save us  from emotional and spiritual anguish in the months to come.  We all need a break sometimes and this month is providing that much needed break.  There is a strong urge here to reiterate the importance of letting ourselves play and have fun this month, doing so will make a huge difference in our general mood  and ability to deal with our lives.

The month of July feels unsettled.  There is a feeling of anticipation to this month.  Like we are taking a collective deep breathe and holding it in anticipation of some big change or shift.  There is this sense that July is about preparing for things to change rapidly in the following months.  We need to get ourselves centered and grounded.  We need to build up our own inner strength and identify with our own truths this month.  The feeling is like preparing for a storm, wanting to make sure everything we care dearly for is anchored down and secured. I get this image of myself with deep roots growing down from my feet with the focus on strengthening those roots.  Taking the time to develop this individual strength will make a huge difference in how we see the coming months.  Some will see them as difficult because things will change rapidly and be ripped away.  Others will see the coming month as wonderful opportunities.  This is all based on how well each person grounded themselves or did not ground themselves.  Be very clear this month about your intentions and motives.

This same feeling continues into August.  Especially at the beginning of the month.  Opportunities will begin to present themselves and choices will appear towards the end of the month.  The chances to make choices and to call into existence new experiences will begin to become evident during the second half of August.  These will be minor opportunities.  We will begin to see that we have choices and chances to change what is happening in our lives.  It may not be time to make these changes but we will become aware of them at this point.  This could include changes in living situation, changes in career, changes in relationships, changes in how we lives our lives.  August basically presents us with a menu of options, various opportunities that we have to choose from.  So this month is about noticing those opportunities and considering them.  There is a message to wait on action and just look over the menu for the time being, there is a danger in acting too rashly.  Everything in its own divine timing.  for now enjoy seeing what is out there.

In September the opportunities continue to be presented to us.  This month has a feel that we can now feel free to begin putting a little action into moving in the direction of some of the options that we are drawn toward.  There is a warning to not force things however.  The feeling is that we should merely be taking advantage of opportunities to act, not creating or forcing actions.  We also need to be mindful to not let ourselves become scattered, by following to many possible paths.  Many opportunities will be presented and we need to take time to step back and decide where our best interest lies.  We can not follow all the paths.  The path of greatest wisdom is the one we are guided to follow from a deeper place. Be mindful of fear and ego as they can often lead us to grasp at any and all opportunities- leaving us running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

October feels a bit damp and cold.  It feels unusually dark.  There is this feeling of dampness and discomfort.  This could be based on purely physical manifestations- such as it being a very rainy and cold October or it could have to do with an internal feeling.  My intuition tells me it’s both.  The weather will be dreary and damp but there will also be a growing internal discomfort within many of us.  Things we were able to tolerate for years will begin to become to much to put up with.  After seeing so many opportunities to change things that are not working in our lives suddenly that which is not working feels very pronounced.  With the awareness of so many other possibilities comes a discomfort with continuing to function under a “business as usual” frame of mind.  This is a month of soul searching, of solitary searching.  We need to go deep within and feel the root of what is causing the discomfort and then open up to possibility.  October is about feeling the pain so that we are willing to move forward and make changes if they need to be made.

November feels lighter.  Many people will have decided to confront that discomfort and to make changes, small or large to address the discomfort.  These could be major external changes like moving or changing  jobs or they could be internal shifts.  Shifts involving how we perceive the world around us.  There is a feeling that many people will find that they have everything they need, that their relationships, their jobs, their living spaces are just fine- that they just needed to break an internal pattern of how they perceived all of these things.  October may have shown some people that how they choose to think of their world is the key to being happy.  We many times do not have to change the things around us as much as we need to change our appreciation of those things.  Whether we have made material, physical changes our internal shifts, this month is about taking a fresh look at our lives.  The feeling is that of a rebirth, renewed energy.

December is always a special month.  It’s such a busy time of year.  This December will be no different.  However as time continues to feel like it speeds up more and more, it is important to try to take a new view of these especially busy months.  I am being urged to relay the message to do things different this December.  If you are one who bites off more than you can chew during December rethink what is important.  We all need to rethink the traditions and activities we engage in during this time of year and decide what is really important.  Rethinking December and prioritizing what is most important is key to the consciousness shift we are undergoing.  Things can not continue, the busy pace can not continue.  More and more of us are feeling a strong internal push to slow down and get back to the basics of life.  This December is a great training ground for that.  By rethinking what we have to do this month we are setting an intention to finally begin to take steps towards following that internal push to slow down and focus on what is important.  In doing so we will find that this December will be the most enjoyable one we have had in years.

As we continue to move towards a shift in our consciousness we face many changes.  It is important to remember the power of our thoughts.  Thought is creation and as we move towards the consciousness shift this becomes more and more evident.  Be mindful of what kind of thoughts you are having about your life, yourself, and others.  The shift happens as we all learn to move away from fear and ego based thought into more loving and hopeful thoughts.  We are in control of our worlds, our lives, we create everyday.  Lets focus on creating from positive thoughts during the upcoming year.  We as always have infinite opportunity for growth.

Have a happy  new year!

With Love and Truth


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