Energy Guide 2/28/10

Topic: The moment

It seems as though messages are coming slowly for me these days.  I am having the experiences but then am not led to this page to write.  I trust and follow what I am led to do (for the most part, I still fight with that tendency to follow my mind as well with ” I shoulds” taking over)  so I will trust and only write when led to.

This message began a few weeks ago during a group that I am a part of.  A very wise friend was talking in that group and he was talking about the word momentum.  Following the natural push and flow of things around us.  Using that natural momentum within our lives.  As he spoke my mind began to wander and it was brought to my attention in a very strong way how that word momentum contains and is rooted in the word moment.  As I thought about that it seemed clear to me that it is no coincidence.  I have known people who seem in the flow, they seem like everything flows in and around them with little effort.  Opportunities arise just in time, they are generally supported in all ways.  Their lives continue in an evolving motion, as these opportunities are seized and used as chances for unending growth and potential.

Then there are other people that I have known who seem endlessly stuck.  Either opportunities do not seem to appear for them, or when they do something blocks these people from taking advantage.  For these people life seems stuck like a tangle mass that keeps them spinning in the same place over and over, sometimes for months, sometimes for years.  Getting stuck in the tangle of their lives.  It seems to me that part of the human experience is to experience this state of being stuck.  We all can relate to the experience of being stuck but,  why do some people get past it while others do not?

Lately I have been questioning why this  is.  What is the key to unlocking why this happens, so that I can not only understand for myself but also offer something to others who are in this cycling state.  My wise friend’s words began the process of understanding a few important pieces.  A huge piece of getting “unstuck” lies in knowing where one truly gets momentum.  The answer lies in that fleeting insight I received while my friend spoke.  We draw momentum from the moment.  A key piece that I have noticed, in my interactions with others and personal experiences being in the “stuck” state as apposed to being in the “flowing state”, is the ability to stay present.  There is a power in the present for several reasons.  First when one is present all of their attention is focused on what is happening in that moment.  All of our energy is focused on what is currently going on.  When we drift to the past or future we have now divided the energy we have to be put into the present.  Dividing this energy to a small degree is ok and does not necessarily impact our overall momentum, however doing this to a large degree can leave us with no force to be present and it is then that we lose our momentum becuase we lost our ability to be in the moment. That inner force that moves us into actions for personal growth is gone.

Secondly, when we are not in the moment we do not see the opportunities and signs that are around us.  A mind that is consumed with worries for the future, or even dreams of a better future, as well as a mind that is holding on the to past with regrets, unresolved feelings, or hopes for the past to return is too preoccupied to see what is happening in the present.  As a result opportunites are not only not taken due to our energies being scattered but, they are not even recognized.  For people who are stuck it is not that the opportunities are not being presented, it’s that they are not recognized. Keeping our minds centered on the present moment and not allowing too much drifting to the past or future allows us to see opportunities, ways to keep ourselves growing and evolving.

Lastly (and there are many more reasons the present moment is important but I am focusing on these three for now) the present allows us the best vantage point to see things clearly and to respond to those things.  It is said that hind sight is 20/20 and that may be true however, knowing what should have been done after the fact does not allow for true growth.  If we lives ourlives percieving that we can only see the truth of things after they have occurred than we will continue to make the same mistakes over and over.  Reviewing the past and noticing the truth of past events is only helpful when that information is applied to the moment.  We have all known people  (or most likely we have ourselves experinced) who continually making the same “mistakes” over and over.  In our minds we know from previous experinces that we should not do something and yet habitually we do it over and over.  Again the key here is that our experiences are not being drawn into the present.  We see the “mistake” as something from the past and think to ourselves ” this time will be different”  We do not connect with the moment.  We do not recognize that inner voice saying ” this is not a great idea” instead we get caught up in the past and think ” this time is going to be different” and we set out to prove to ourselves why things will be different, losing the moment in order to try to “right” the past.  It’s an alluring draw to “correct” the past, to prove something to ourselves and others.  It’s so alluring we lose the moment and engage in that endless cycle- givng away momentum to learn and grow in new ways.  If we had been in the moment and not trying to prove or correct, we may have noticed a different way of doing things.  We may have noticed opportunity for change and truly escaped our pattern.

The second part of this message came while doing a healing for another friend.  When I put my hands on this friends head I immediately saw a mass of tangled string.  Immediately I got the feeling of being so confused and filled with anxiety- like my friend was looking at this big picture of some situation in his life and seeing the mass of tangled string.  If you have ever tried to untangle such a mass of string it can be daunting.  I felt tired looking at it- like as a healer there was no way I could untangle it.  It was massive and would take days.  I chose to send healing and ask what to do with that big mass of string.  Immediately I was shown the ball of tangled string and then a long single piece of string streched out straight.  The feeling was that these two images where exactly the same.  To my relief  (and I am sure my friends) there was no difference.  The message was the string did not need to be untangled at all.  It was all in perception.  Seeing the chaos of the tangle had me feeling anxious, like I had to untangle it and I knew that was a massive project that I was not sure I had the energy for.  Seeing the straight string made me feel calm.  Knowing that they were both the same and there was no difference besides my perception of them made me feel at ease.  In my own life, in everyone’s lives we have a choice on how we will percieve our lives.  We can buy into the anxiety of the tangle that we choose to percieve by looking at the whole thing at once.  Or we can choose to recongnize that the tanlged string is still the string.  Again the key to shifting our perception of this lies in our ability to stay in the moment.  If we follow the tangled string moment by moment- without trying to view the whole thing at once it leads to the same place as if the string were straight.

It occurred to me how many people including myself get preoccupied in trying to untangle the strings of our lives instead of simply staying present and following where those strings lead.  It is in this trying to untangle that we often get “stuck”.  We lose our momentum because we feel we have to have a staight path, when actually the tangled path is exactly the same, the same length and leads to the same point.  We stop progressing and focus our energy on untangling things, when actually we could just stay present, not worry about the knots and just follow each moment, each segment of the string.

This weeks message is one of finding strength and that inner force that propels us on, within the present.  I am being led to really try to gently redirect my mind to what is happening each moment in stead of indulging in thoughts of the past or future.  The challenge this month is to notice when our minds wander to the past or future, to notice when we are busying ourselves trying to untangle the strings and to gently redirect ourselves to just being in our experiences fully.  To let the moment create our momentum.

With love and truth


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