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Topic: accepting change

We are just coming out of a mercury retrograde- a astrological event that slows us down through miscommunications and technical difficulties so that we have time to wrap up things that have been undone and to review where we have been so that we can release and move on without our entanglements.  This past retrograde was very much geared towards the reviewing the past year and then being willing to release.  Not only that but it has also brought up past life events for many of us, so that we could review them, understand their impact on our lives now and then release them.  We are doing this to lighten our load and to prepare ourselves for the new phase we are entering during the next several months.  We are always changing and growing in a never ending manner.  We go through slow downs where we are releasing and then through stages where things change rapidly.  This past retro grade period was a slow down before the rapid changes begin again.  Some people cringe at the thought of a retro grade or slow period but I have to say I have come to a place where I almost welcome those slow times.   They allow me a period of time to try to catch my breath as things seem to change very rapidly for me lately.

The past week I have been challenge to do a deep review of the past year and of some past life events.  I have reviewed things I have written, emails others sent to me over the past year, vivid memories of events that happened this past year have been coming to me and have had several dreams that seem as though they were past life events.  Its like the universe is saying “look at what you have been through, look at how much you have grown,  look at all you have experienced in this short amount of time”.  In doing this reflecting I have then been urged to release it all.  To delete emails, to get rid of old writings, to breathe and release those memories both from this life and past lives.  These ,emories and items from the past are not to dwell on just to notice the progress that has been made and the lessons that have been learned.  They came back to remind us of why it is we are seeking to grow and that growth is indeed occurring.

As I have been noticing these things from the past and releasing them I have also been repeatedly challenged with a notion of a deep profound inner shift that I must decide to make.  Messages are coming at me from all different angles saying that I am at a point of having to let go of who I thought I was to become who I am now.  Again I am not alone in this challenge.  We indeed go through shifts.  We change throughout our lives and this very important period of time is one of the portholes where we make deep changes, where we shift in who we are at a deep level.

I know that I am guilty of hearing these words and thinking it has to do with external things such as job changes, or relationships ending, or moving somewhere.  These things could be a part of the shift but they are not the whole story.  The shift that we are being asked to make at this point is deeper than all of that.  We are being asked to change who we think we are.  To change and release the images we have had of ourselves so that we can open up to who it is we are growing into.

Here is how it is working for me.  My whole life I have been “a force to be reckoned with”.  I have been the one who takes control.  People have relied on me to tell them what to do.  I have grown tired of this role, even though it comes with its advantages.  It started to feel like a burden.  Then recently I was led into ever growing situations where I have to give control to others and trust others more and more.  It feels unnatural to me and it feels very scary.  I have been conditioned that if I do not have the control, things go wrong.  Now the universe says to me ” ok give control  to others”  and I am left reeling.  As I am slowly dipping my feet into this new experience I am finding that actually the people who are coming into my life, and many of the people I have known for a long time are more than capable and that indeed I can let go of the control and things are working out beautifully.  Its freeing but scary as it is so different than the image of who I thought I was.  I am being asked to give up that deep piece of who I am to try something else.  There are other changes that are going along with this as well, all of which have to do with changing who I thought I was, the image I have projected out and how I have related to others.  It all feels like moving into uncharted territory.

This may happen in different ways for different people.  Some people who sat back and enjoyed the ride may be asked to take more control, to take more of a lead position.  No matter how it manifests we are all being asked to step way outside of our comfort zones and to do things differently than we had previously done them.

The challenge of the Universe for the next few weeks is two fold, first we need to spend time reviewing where we have been, acknowledging all the work we have done, all the growth that has occurred and then letting go of those experiences.  Then secondly we need to take the risks being presented to us to step outside of our comfort zones and usual patterns to embrace the new experiences.  We are being asked to get comfortable in the new clothes that are being laid out for us to wear.  If we cling to who we have always been we leave no room to grow into who we are becoming.

The universe is saying  “just because you have done things a certain way does not mean its the only way”.  It is time to begin experiencing something new.  If you are led to act “out of character” then surrender and let yourself follow that lead.   You may just find that the experience leads you to your next step on the path.

With Love and Truth


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