2011 year at a glance

Topic outline of energy month to month


This year begins with a continuation of what December brought.  Many people felt like they needed time alone.  It was a hard balance between the social activities of December and this inner need to withdraw and just focus on inner work.  January finally gives the time to fully withdraw.  Its time to take stock of what you have done, where you have been and who we have brought into our lives as well as who and what we have let go of.  When I feel January it feels cold.  Being from the north that is a given, but it feels like that hibernation kind of cold.  In other parts of the world this may translate as rainy or just not conducive to getting out much.  The Universe supports what we need and when the weather is not good it’s a sign that we need time alone or closed into our homes with the people closest to us.  This month its about taking that alone time and getting grounded in what has happened and what we would like to see happen.


Usually February feels like a time to reconnect for me.  This year it does not.  There is a very solitary feel to the beginning of 2011.  Its like there is so much change and interaction that happens mid-year that these first few months are a critical gearing up time.  It feels like if we try to get out among people at this point we will just end up feeling disappointed.  Parties will not be as much fun as we remembered, meeting with friends will not be all we thought it would be.  The need to withdraw remains strong this month.  Again the Universe is supporting this with continued weather challenges.  Everything just says ” sit tight for now”.  Like I said traditionally February has been a month of connections and has generally felt more social.  Even though we will not feel like socializing this February, and when we are out those interactions will not be a great as we remembered there is still an element of interconnection present.  During our solitude this month our inner thoughts will shift from what we have done or want to do, and where we have been or where we would like to go personally, to who and how the people around us can support us in what we are creating.  This is a month to take stock of all the people in our lives.  To focus on how they have helped us and in what ways they can support what we are creating this year.  It is a time to reflect and to see that we are not islands, even though it feels like it sometimes.  It is extremely important this month to realize the web of life around us that supports us and to discover ways to work within this web as it will make the changes that happen this year far easier if we rally support during this critical time.


This month seems to begin to have glimmers of an emergence.  The closed isolated state we were feeling during the previous three months will begin to shift.  It is not fully over however.  The image I get is of a huge sleeping bear that is groggy and beginning to emerge from hibernation.  Its slow to move and seems to do so grudgingly but it is  being spured to begin to move and come out into the world.  This means to challenge ourselves to get out a little more, even when we are not quite feeling like it.  Go to that party, go for that walk or out to that lunch with friends even if you are feeling tired or like being alone.  Pushing ourselves at this point is important because the energy of next month shifts rapidly, you do not want to be caught with sleep in your eyes as you may miss some important opportunities.


Like I said this month seems to shift things quickly and dramatically.  Its like the lazy slow pace of winter is flipped off like a switch.  Weather wise this year it will literally be like someone flips a switch, winter one day and spring the next.  I was told last November that here in Minnesota winter was about to begin in 24 hours (and sure enough it began) and that it would stay until April (sometimes we have a warmer February and many time March begins to melt things).  This year I am shown it is not the case.  Winter is staying until April, but when April hits it lifts like someone lifting a  white blanket off a bed.  Again the weather triggers a cue inside ourselves.  This sudden shift signals a time of doing.  its time to get out and begin doing the things we have contemplated during those isolated months.  Change seems to happen rapidly this month not only for the weather but for individuals and for society at large.  We can either decide to be active parts of this rapid change by being involved and having a hand in what happens or we can chose to be hesitant and wait- but then the changes will just be put upon us.  I for one enjoy being a creator.  One way to create is to be open to opportunity.  If you hear about a class or social gathering, an opportunity to serve others, a new job, or you have a possible romantic interest spring up, seize the opportunity by responding to it and not ignoring it.  We do not have to be controlling and make things happen but this month is about taking advantage of opportunities the Universe provides us.


This month feels extra exuberant.  I am not sure how to describe it.  When I tune into the energy I feel a giddiness, like a school girl giggling uncontrollably.  It feels very light and like its about having fun.  April challenged us to seize opportunities and possibly put in work to take advantage of those opportunities.  May is like the chance we sometimes get to just enjoy what we have worked on and created.  The weather feels very cooperative and there is a playful nature to the energy of this month.  A part of me wants it to be May right now!  This is a time when we need to let our inner child out to play.  that is an extremely important thing to do from time to time.  Just do the things that make you feel good and enjoy some play time.  Run, swing, lay in the sun, garden and be in nature, do a spa day.  Do the things the nourish your soul this month without guilt.  Doing these things gives us the strength to make it through the tough times with grace.  Enjoy your play time!


June finds us back in reality.  There is a feeling of rough weather again, like its stormy.  I see dark clouds and strong winds with that sideways rain.  The feeling is like that of needing to batten down the hatches.  When I see the weather images I tend to get messages that deal with two realms- the physical and the personal.  Its a feeling like there will be challenges both in the weather and personally, but we will be ok with a little planning and preparedness.  If we use caution this month and put up defenses when needed we will be just fine.  It is important this month to not take unnecessary risks.  Stay on the safe side and close to home for a bit.  Keep your loved ones close to you.  This is not a time to challenge yourself or your loved ones on personal issues.  This is a time of huddling together and lending mutual support.  I think about those experiences that are very tough where everyone bands together to comfort eachother.  That is what we need to do this month.  Sometimes after tough times one can look back and feel a sense of comfort and appreciation for those moments where they were huddled with others, knowing that we are not alone.


This month feels much better than June.  It feels like whatever gets shaken up in June will be rebuilt in July.  It feels like one of those times where you just take a deep breath and begin picking up the mess one piece at a time.  There need not be a hurry to picking up, we can  just slowly gather the pieces and put them back into their places.  Remove the trash and the broken things and tidy up again.  There is a sense of accomplishment this month like after everything was shaken up we get it all cleaned up again this month.  Please keep this in mind in June, when its over and its time to pick up it will not take as long as we thought and it will not be as hard as we thought to clean it up.  There is a slow steady pace to this month and a strange appreciation of the things that remain.


For the past several years I have written these  year at a glance posts, August has served the same function and this year is no different.  August is a month of making huge life changing decisions.  Its a month a great changes.  Its like the intentions we sent during those isolated months really fall into place in August.  Not only for myself but for countless people I know August the past several years has lead to major changes such as the end of a long term relationships, the end of jobs, the beginning of new relationships or new jobs, shifts in personal relationships with friends and family.  August tends to go by quickly because everything happens and comes into form this month.  The thoughts we have had are made manifest during this time.  Some years this has been scary, as the saying goes ” be careful what you ask for because you just might get it”.  This year it feels like a good thing.  There was space cleared in June and August is coming along to fill those holes.  We have cleaned up and prepared the space in July and now we get to bring in the new.


Again September’s energy remains very similar to previous years.  This is a time to enjoy and solidify what was manifest in August.  We get to tweak our creations and make minor adjustments to them in September.  Its not a particularly active month just minor adjustments to the new things we brought in and time to try out our new creations.  Be sure to take the time to fully examine whatever you brought into your life in August during this month.  Make those changes now and make sure you fully want and understand the implications of what you have manifest.  Its like taking the time to play with that new toy and figuring out how it works and if it does what you want it to.  The weather seems cooperative and mild.  The Universe is saying focus on ourselves and our creations without having to worry about much else.


There is an electricity to October that I have not felt in years.  This electricity is one of the reason’s October has always been my favorite month.  The past few years however, it was noticeably absent.  Things were not the same.  There is a mystery to October and that is part of it joy.  The feeling that life holds surprises for us and that we can not know everything.  When I encounter this kind of energy it always serves as a reminder to  remain present in the day to day.  To focus on and enjoy the moments as they come and to be aware and present in those moments.  There will be ups and downs to this month but we do not need to worry about them.  This month is about remembering that it is not the destination we need to concern ourselves with, it is the journey.  Enjoy the experiences and remain open to them.  Do not try to project out into the future or reflect on a past you want back.  Stay in each moment and see what those moments have for you, what lessons and experiences there are for you to learn and grown from.  If we can stay present this month has a lot of opportunity and gifts for us.


There is a very pleasant energy to this month.  It feels light and celebratory.  I have a special event in this month  as I will be married.  I find that no accident either.  I was strongly led to the date because of its energetic feel.  There is a feeling of connection with lovers, friends, family.  The image I get is of a person with a big smile on their face laughing, like one would do with a group of friends.  Its a playfulness that has to do with socializing and having fun with others.  What a wonderful time to hold a wedding.  Even if you are not getting married, this month seems like a great one.  There will be lots of opportunity to get together with friends and family, and unlike February those gatherings will be more wonderful than you expected them to be.  There is this feeling of peace and harmony to this month.  If you have been having a hard time getting along with someone this month seems like the time to extend that olive branch and make amends.  The Universe is supporting connection and reconnection.  Reconciliations seem likely and other relationships feel like they will just be strengthened this month.  Its hard to not get along with people this month.  If there is something you have been waiting to do because you have needed support from others to do it this is the the month to act.


December 2011 seems a little energetically down.  Generally I refer to this month as the month of miracles however that does not seem to be the case this month.  It feels like that usual bustling of energy is not there this year.  There seems to be less activity and just a feeling of low energy in general.  It feels like it will be a struggle to meet holiday expectations.  Like shopping and social gatherings will be hard to push ourselves to do.  There is this strong feeling like we will just want to lay in bed beneath the covers and forget the whole holiday thing.  Maybe we should?  I mean that somewhat sarcastically, but if you are a person who can just hide out it may not be a bad thing.  The feeling is like we will hold resentments for people who make us go out and do things.  So pick your activities wisely- do the things you truly want to do.  Try to remember that we are all feeling this drain so that maybe we can forgive eachother for putting off that annual holiday party or dinner until January.  There are always things we have to push ourselves to do so that we do not completely let others down, but be very mindful of the things you actually have to do and the things that you can do a little later.  You will thank yourself later for making those choices and you will enjoy yourself much more having those get togethers at a later date when possible.

As always its a year of ups and downs, such is life.  This year does feel a little more settled.  I know for myself and for many other people I know that the past 3-5 years have been fast paces and full of huge amounts of change.  Much of that change has not been easy and has caused moments where we thought we could not possibly take any more.  the good news is that this year seems to have slowed down a bit in the amount of change and challenge that we will face.  There will still be moments but mainly this year has a lot of down time to reflect and to create.  Enjoy this wondeful year and try to adjust and embrace a slightly slower pace- we have all earned this time.

Happy New Year!


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