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Energy Guide 2/16/11

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Topic: Receiving

Again I find myself apologizing for the gap in time for these writings.  I had said January and February would be about hibernating and it sure has been.  I have found it hard to connect with others and have found myself going within more, seeming to have little to no energy to connect with others.  I know I have not been alone in that feeling, as the people around me also have been saying they just have not felt like doing much, and in fact have even felt irritated at the thought of having to be around others.  I am beginning to feel the inner push to gear up for connecting and being out and about again.

With that inner push comes some clarity about what all this hibernating was supposed to be used for.  The insight I have gained during my time away from others has to do with that balance within our relationships.  As I am urged to reconnect with others again, I am finding that special attention needs to be given to our willingness and ability to receive.  To achieve balance we not only have to be willing to give of our selves but also to allow others to give to us.  With out both sides of that equation there is imbalance.  Imbalance is what leads to that feeling of dissatisfaction, or feeling out of step with our world and with eachother

My own journey during these months of solitude brought to my attention the deep need I have to give.  Those of us on a spiritual path have this desire to give- to help.  That desire is strong, so strong that often we forget about allowing the space to let others give to us.  We seek ways to help, to reach out, to make a difference and give until we can feel empty.  Some have found that eternal spring to draw from so that they are able to give endlessly, some ebb and flow giving until empty and then retreating to “refuel”.  Either way our only thoughts are about how to give, how to help.

The energy of right now is asking us to look at the other side of that coin.  In order to give, we have to have someone to give to. If we are only focused on ways to give then there is no one to give to.  To complete the flow of energy we need to be both open to giving , to the outflow of energy, and open to receiving, to allowing others energy to flow through us in positive ways.  This can be as simple as deciding what things we can surrender control of in our day to day living and asking for help from those around us.  This could be asking a friend or relative to help with a task around the house, or a chore we have to do.  It could be asking for someone to be there to just listen.  It could be asking for someone to send us positive energy, or to advocate for us.  Mostly its about saying “yes” and accepting when someone says they want to help in some way and finding a way to use that person’s talents in the best way that can helps us.

Many of us are so used to handling things on our own.  We have been the trail blazers getting into the mindset of service to others.  We have taken that challenge and grown from it.  We have learned very well how to give.  As more people get into the mindset of service to others we all have to shift and balance.  We need to provide a place for others to give, providing that space for giving is a way to also give to others.  Just as we have the desire to give and feel fulfillment in giving, others feel that same desire.

I know that I have felt very frustrated at times when I care for someone and want to give and do things to support and help them but am blocked from doing so. Think about those times when you see someone you care about struggling with an issue and you want so badly to shoulder some of the burden with them but are blocked from doing so.  The person says “I can do it on my own”.  I know for me it feels like a hoplessness, a sinking feeling in my heart and stomach.  I am not sure why we are still blocking eachother from helping when we are supposed to be learning to do this thing called life all together.  The time has come to work with eachother.  I have begun trying to think about this when others offer to help me.  I used to say “ no, I got this, I can do it”.  It was the noble thing to say, I mean I do not want to be a burden to anyone right? I want to prove that I can do it on my own.  The thing that has been pointed out to me lately is that it is not about proving we can handle life’s challenges on our own, it’s about swallowing our pride and surrendering to the help of others.  We need to create a space for that balance of give and receive.  It is not more nobel or desirable to be the person who gives selflessly, life is about achieving balances.  Energy flows best when it is balanced- it completes a cycle and allows for harmony.   It is time to create a balance between what we give and what we receive from others.  We are being challenged to find the natural flow and not refuse to receive because we do not want to burden others or because our pride/ego has something to prove.

The challenge this month is to realize the gift we give to others when we allow them to give to us, to help us in our daily lives.  We are being challenged to change our perspective from a view where we see asking for and accepting help as a weakness or a burden to others, to one where we see receiving help from others as a gift and an opportunity for those who want to help us.  The energy of this time is telling us to surrender and to allow that balance of give and take back into our lives.  Its not about letting things swing the other way and only taking, not looking to give anymore.  It’s about doing both actions in a balance way that completes the flow of energy between all of humanity.  Learn to give by receiving and to receive by giving- by this harmony is created.

With Love and Truth