Eve Toomey, LICSW
I am a board licensed mental health practitioner that offers traditional and non traditional counseling  
methods.  I have been a licensed social worker for the past 9 years.  Inner Guidance Counseling is a
counseling service that uses traditional therapy techniques as well as relaying on my inner knowing
and tapping into the inner knowing of my clients to gain insights into issues.  I offer traditional talk  
therapy and counseling services as well as past life regression.  I can help clients to  work on
current or past life trauma, helping to clear the way for greater personal understanding and growth
with my clients.  Using an array of tools is beneficial for getting a deeper understanding of the  
issues they are facing so that these can be dealt with, making room for lasting fulfillment and clarity.
Please see the list of services for a more detailed description .
Contact Me
14255 Estates Ave
Apple Valley, MN 55124

innerguidancecounseling @evetoomey.com
What is Inner Guidance Counseling ?