Intuitive Counseling
Intuitive Counseling is simply just regular counseling methods that combine with intuitive
knowing.  I use my own inner guidance as well as help my clients discover their own inner knowing
to gain deeper insight into the issues we are working on.  I then use the traditional therapy
techniques learned in college to address issues.  Combining the traditional training with the training
I have received in intuitive development allows me to get to the heart of issues more quickly and to
assist my clients in uncovering deeper issues that may be leading to present concerns.
Professional Supervision

Social Work Board Certified Professional Supervision for all licensure levels.
*with experience in direct therapy and  school settings.

I provide professional consultation for those needing it for licensure requirements as well as those  
interested in combining intuitive skills into their practice.  I provide hourly appointments and can
do both one to one and small group supervision for social workers.
Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression is a powerful therapeutic tools that allow clients to uncover how the baggage from  
past and present life experiences impacts our current situations. Past Life Regression uses a light hypnotic  
state to help clients experience past lives, so that they can learn from those experiences, see how the past  
may be impacting the present.  We then work to heal the past bringing the present into balance for lasting
Inner Guidance Counseling